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Inviting Atmosphere for the Disabled | Michael D Haines

Entrepreneurs making a difference and Changing the World.

A letter was written to Michael D Haines

Dear Michael: I challenged myself recently and landed myself a part-time job at a local Bottle Return-it facility. My doctor had told me for years that because of having been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, he said that I would never be able to return to the work force. I have proved him wrong and my new boss says that I’m just as
good as anyone else for the job. I’m fast and efficient for a 51 year old man.

I am very grateful to you for

“your advice to challenge myself. Thank you so much, Mike, for your inspiration. You’re a great man!” ~ James Tobin

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Michael’s Mission Statement

I will help you as well your managers and their teams see the world from a totally different perspective. He shows them how to connect more meaningfully with an ever-growing demographic.

Michael D Haines
Michael D Haines Kelowna BC Canada.

Michael will give a brief run down on some stats from Statistics Canada on how consumers with challenges are growing to be a larger segment of your market. Michael also believes that if you alienate a person with a challenge in a given party, that party may consist of six other people. You have lost the chance to serve the other five people in that party as well. “Have you ever calculated the revenue of a customer?”

If you own a pub, that one customer might spend $200.00 per month, and you do the math over the year. Multiply that by six and you will have the kind of damage one untrained person could do to your business.

I have heard some pretty shocking things about customer revenues, and they can be vicious. Give a customer bad service or create a bad experience for him/her and they will tell 25 people about it. Remember our six patrons at your pub, well, if that holds true then you have lost a further one hundred and fifty people visiting your pub. And that is just because your staff was not properly trained in how to provide quality service.


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Michael Haines

In my mind, I do not have a disability, however, society has placed a label on me, and many others, who were born with challenges.

We all have challenges.

Some are more pronounced than others, and I will go further to say that if you don’t have a challenge, you aren’t living the best life that you can live.

All human beings need challenges in order to grow and be better. I will show you how to leverage challenges to make your life or business the best it can be.


Influencer of the Month Global Contest

List of this month’s Influencers

Embrace equality and diversity thru empowering wonderful voices from different walks of life and spread positive energy thru an engaging platform.

“Thank you for the nomination.”

– Rodney Gray



Rodney Gray: owner of, LinkedIn Influencer (Rodney Gray) small business owner and specialized online marketing for 20+ years.

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6 Common Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

No Doubt becoming a successful entrepreneur is a struggle and nothing comes easy. Working as your own boss has it’s rewards and the payoff is sometimes worth the risk.

Common Traits Of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs
Common Traits Of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

What makes an entrepreneur successful – is it just money? Maybe..

“Maybe the argument is how “you” define success.”

People that are seen as successful typically tend to produce a substantial body of work, no matter what find of interest.

Success is determined by each individual.

Maybe success is already within you and simply defined by your attitude towards your own personal achievements. Maybe true success is not defined by external or societal standards at all.

Here are some common shared traits among successful and profitable entrepreneurs:

  1. Work without interruptions and condense your time. What task will have the biggest impact on reaching your goals and stay focused.

  2. Don’t respond to each phone vibe,  message, or constantly check and see who has just hit their inbox. Again they tend to work without interruptions and only check emails and messages when ready to respond and allocate some time to the reply.

  3. Exude a deep passion for whatever they tend to work on.

  4. Have high energy levels and mental resilience, and continue to persist in the face of difficulties. Dedicated and a sense of significance, enthusiasm, and an inspiration to those around them.

  5. Excellent communication skills. Clear and concise leadership is very important and creating fair and mutually rewarding relationships for both parties involved in any negotiation.

  6. Highly successful people know they deserve their success and they understand that mistakes do happen. Successful people know making a firm decision and holding to it is key to leadership, however when presented with new information that changes the core of that decision making process a truly successful person will always reevaluate and take any new information into account and adjust accordingly.

Common misconceptions about success.

  • Believing they must first have the funding/money, connections, or time.
  • This has been proven false and sometimes the best advice is to take the risk and worry about the details as you go.

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”

– Sir Richard Branson

Other Notable Traits of Highly Successful People;

  • Organizational Skills

  • Excellent use of Time

  • Open door policy

  • Accountable

  • Patience

  • Creativity

So what’s the definition of success?According to Google it’s the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, and the attainment of popularity or profit.

What we know is success breeds success, and sometimes you just need to focus on the little milestones to gain some wins and work up towards your major goals. Have long term, and also short term goals. Even a 10 year plan.

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How To Get Free Business Advice With Quora

Get Free Small Business Advice With Engaging Social Communities

Why it’s so great: Quora is a Q&A site where experts actually take the time to seriously answer your questions. You can follow topics like “startups” and “entrepreneurship” and people like Fred Wilson or Mark Zuckerberg

“Answers get voted-up by by the highly populated community.”

So what is Quora anyway? Quora is a platform where questions and answers can be asked and then answered by experts. You can follow any topics on business, small business and marketing. The platform is essentially self policed by up voting like Reddit. The community is highly active and it is an excellent way  to learn  and ask questions.

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” – Michael John Bobak

So what is Quora, is it like Wikipedia?

Everyone is very familiar with Wikipedia, it’s used by millions worldwide every hour – if someone is looking for information in Google the first results are typically Wikipedia sites. However I am noticing a change with more options like Quora.

Wikipedia was founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger in January 2001. The organization is a non-profit organization that collects donations at its annual fundraiser and through individual donations in order to provide Wikipedia.

Quora is more web and app based with an interactive upvote action.

Quora is question-and-answer site. Quora was founded in June 2009 by Adam D’Angelo. Users can ask personalized questions and these are answered by registered users. The answers can be evaluated by the upvoting system. It is a for-profit company.

So how can I use Quora to help with my Small Business?

How many people use Quora: 200+ million monthly users – 100+ million U.S. 5/10/17

Quora is a question-and-answer site where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its entire community of users if one such user should choose to engage.

  • Every day this happens on Quora

  • Somebody gets some life-changing advice.

  • Somebody gets inspired by people’s real-life stories.

  • Somebody gets professional insights.

Quorum’ (of whom in Latin) itself is genitive plural of ‘Qui’ which means “WHO”. As usual, the intended definition of ‘Quorum” & “Quora” has morphed into a diluted one but understandably so. “Quora”, not surprising, has come to mean a ‘select group’.

How you can get business advice from Quora
How you can get business advice from Quora

Running a business can feel intimidating and sometimes eving isolating, especially in the beginning. With the internet and online communities with professionals, you can ask questions and search related topics and learn.

There are many tools online that can assist you and help grow your business, as well as free trials that can simplify your entire campaign marketing process