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Big data list marketing for small and large business. Learn how you can successfullly

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Does Bulk Email Marketing Still Work?

With a plethora of online marketing tools at your disposal the question is does email marketing even work?

If you are a business owner and have a website, don’t expect it to go exactly as planned every time. Planning a good campaign takes a few attempts so expect some grief, expect mistakes and expect to fail forward as you grow and build your company’s contact email list.

No one said marketing was easy. Today we have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email Marketing Blogs, Pay Per Click, and Banner Advertising just to name a few. Nothing can build up your company’s email list as quickly and efficiently as bulk email marketing. Advertising with email can be fun, and real-time stats can show you what’s working almost instantaneously and a good bulk email software will remove opt-outs, non-deliverables, and even track the opens and clicks and drop those email records into separate opener and clicker databases for future use. This adds tremendous value to your contact databases.

The average person gets hundreds of advertisements pushed in front of them per day and most people do not spend more than five seconds looking at any single ad or headline. This is why email marketing can be so effective. The email address, domain, and subject header are your first line of action when it comes to bulk email and if you can captivate the reader’s attention with this they will be much more prone to read the entire email and that is imperative if they are to become a new customer.

5 Email Marketing Tricks to Make you Smarter than your Competitor

  1. Make sure you know what people are looking for in your industry before you compile your marketing ads. It is recommended to do some research and learn what products you have will potentially sell the best through bulk email marketing. 
  2. Don’t be scared to have special offers or discount exclusive to your campaign. It has been proven that a consumer will be much more engaging if you have something specially priced for the recipient. Most people believe they are a smart shopper and will only act if they think they are getting a great deal. 
  3. Today’s consumer is smarter. Don’t write spammy ads no one wants to get. Yes, we have all received the ACT NOW, click here, click here again, and again and again, Limited Time!!!, BOLD FONT and cheap clip art type email ads. They do not work and typically will go to spam and will be caught by most junk email filters anyway. Provide a well-written offer and present it in a non-threatening, non-spammy way. Trust me this will outsell the typical junk most people see and you will be shocked at the improvement. 
  4. Subscribe to your competitors newsletters. If it’s relevant to your business subscribe and get informed. Keeping an eye on your competition is easy and it can be done simply by subscribing to their company newsletter. This is very helpful and can quickly educate you on the market trends and where your industry is headed before it’s mainstream knowledge. It can be a good idea to even setup a free email account to manage this activity, those emails can then forward to your main inbox keeping your main email address safe from abuse. 
  5. Spell check and proofread your ad copy, one out of place sp]ee6ling error can interrupt the reading and steers focus away from the message you’re trying to send (I know that bugs you, me too!). I got your attention now what’s the solution? There are many free software programs that can assist you in your writing efforts and they can help you be a become a better copywriter. If you use the Google Chrome web browser they offer free extensions and Grammarly is one great tool for this. Open your Chrome browser and select the tools menu as shown below to access the vast Google Chrome extension library.


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Do You Know These 5 Rules for Bulk Email Marketing?

The 5 Rules for Bulk Email Marketing

Do You Know These 5 Rules for Bulk Email Marketing?

Email marketing has been growing at a rapid rate each year, over year, since its introduction with the Internet.

Email marketing is most definitely one of the most cost effective, and instantaneous methods to send your corporate message to potential customers, yet many email marketers predicted over the past few years that email is dead and social media is making a great takeover!

This has since been proven to be false and email marketing is still statistically one of the most effective tools any business can utilize today. Be sure your message is authentic and you use a compliant bulk email software to send, and manage your bulk email campaigns. Doing this, you will typically never run into any issues and will promote your business in a responsible compliant manner.

“Did you know most large corporations are currently using bulk email marketing to announce special offers and grow their brands?”

Where do the millions of email lists come from when buying bulk email databases? Today’s consumers will generously offer up personal contact information for free offers, promotions, apps, and more and in some cases even unknowingly.

A good bulk email sending software will help individual recipients to remove themselves permanently and the process is done automatically every time.

email marketing

The 5 quick and simple rules for any responsible bulk email marketer.

1. Email lists are up to date: Be sure your email lists are up to date or cleaned using an email list verify tool before your initial sent this can do a few things including help your deliverability and reputation with the server. Typically the more bounces removes and complaints you got will result in a decline in deliverability unless you’re using a system that can rotate IP’s and domains this will greatly improve your overall success.

2. It’s important who you choose: Make sure the bulk email company you choose to send your campaigns allows for purchased email lists and leeway as you do not want to get midway through a campaign and have issues with your account being terminated. Choosing a software company that has limited restrictions also leaves the option open to add large databases into your account for future sending and list building purposes.

3. Web-based VS locally installed email marketing software: Be sure you choose a web-based software platform. I know this can be open for debate, however, a Web-based email software will allow for remote sending, automatically opt out removal, real-time stats, and a complete campaign overview that can be accessed from any computer anywhere remotely. The dangers of choosing a software that installs and runs from your computer system are, your bulk email campaign will result in using your physical IP address location and this can get you in trouble with your ISP internet service provider. It is recommended to use a web based bulk email software for any type of bulk sending.

4. No hidden fees watch your costs: There is a multitude of different software’s to choose from. If you’re looking to send email in bulk, you always want a total price and not per unit or cost per thousand as you can easily chew up your entire budget in no time. Things to avoid would be setup fees long term commitments cancelation fees overage fees or any hidden costs whatsoever. An excellent example can be found with this bulk email software that is month to month no commitments and you can cancel at any time.

5. Take time with your message: This might be the most important thing to remember is to make sure your ad copy is informative, engaging, and provides value to the reader. Create multiple newsletter variations with different subject headers. This is called split testing and can quickly determine which approach is working best and the remainder of the campaign can use your best strategy.

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How to Avoid The Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

Well done, If you’re like most online marketing entrepreneurs you have done some research and come to the sound conclusion, email marketing can work for your business.

Historically most people will launch their first email marketing campaign with the available and collected database of recent customers, opt-in emails collected for a newsletter, or both.

email marketing

An email message is then crafted explaining your services with a great call to action. This is usually a great experience with sales coming in swiftly, customers having questions and your dreams are growing big, then it happens! Your email account gets locked out for spamming,  and you wonder what went wrong. All your hard work has just been destroyed and your first impression has been shot.

This scenario is very common and many people quite simply don’t take the time to use the proper software required for email marketing.

There are many different types of email marketing software out there, however, you need to be careful as most web-based bulk email software companies do not allow for many complaints or removes, and will close your account altogether. One of the most common mistakes in email marketing is choosing the wrong company to send out your message you want to be sure you choose a company you can grow with and even add large bulk email databases into the system for sending.

Email marketing can be completely compliant and a great experience if just you use the proper bulk email software. A proper software will follow the compliance laws and will represent here product or services in a professional manner.

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How your Company can Benefit from Sending Email

Email Marketing for Any Business

In today’s fast paced high tech online marketplace there are many different types of email marketing software to choose from. Traditionally email marketers downloaded software to his or her computer, installed it and operated the program from that desktop system.

This method has now proven not as effective and you can quite easily get your IP blocked, or even have your internet connection disconnected by your internet provider altogether.

Today new age email marketers are now relying more on web-based software platforms to manage and maintain their email marketing campaigns so it’s done can-spam compliant and represents their company correctly.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Accurate Delivery of your Email Newsletter Campaign

The benefits of a web-based, email software system are abundantly clear and the core benefits providing a can-spam compliant sending experience and the added ability to have your IP’s monitored, maintained, and switched out throughout the entire duration of the email campaign when needed this ensures your IP’s and domains start rotating while sending for extremely good deliverability and provides the ability to send more email at a faster rate.

More established email systems will update more frequently with the latest programming edits and developments and thus providing a more accurate delivery of your email campaign.

Email Marketing Automation: Campaigns for Business

Email marketing can open up a whole new opportunity for most online advertisers and It can offer an almost instant audience in many cases, to new products and services and with each new email marketing campaign sent.

Email will also assist in continuing to build your company’s main contact lists of, opened and click through records, for future campaign use;

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How To Empower Your Business With Email

Since the introduction of internet, it has become famous for making the daunting task of communicating with all your clients via email, a very difficult one.

With powerful email software platforms and resources, today’s marketplace of communicating with current and prospective clients just became a much easier process;

Email communication is the most used internet function today, and the use of email has allowed various developments, such as sending and receiving business transactions, documents, or even simple messages by large operation in just a few clicks and using powerful software to assist in the process.

Email marketers use it as a means of advertisement to introduce and promote new products and services through email campaigns providing the recipient the ability to get more information..

How to Take Advntage of Email for your Business;

Businesses have many reasons for sending email, it could be to show special discounts and offers, it can also be a tool to redirect traffic to a social media profile, or even an affiliate marketing advertiser link.

Email will let your customers know about discounts so your customers can visit the website directly, having a feel of the offers and products and hopefully making a purchase or asking any questions through your contact page.

Email can help companies expand business quickly just like ppc advertising and social marketing, although ppc ads can get costly and you do not get to retain an email list of contacts as an end result.

A good email marketing delivery software can make all the difference as many of these tasks can now be automated. Sales are quickly generated and managed through a online platform.

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Official Email Marketing Emerges As One Of The Premier Bulk Emailing Solution

06 Oct, 2015 – Official Email Marketing has emerged as one of the premier online companies for email marketing services providing high quality emailing lists at affordable prices. The company follows the rules of Responsible Email Marketing and the Can-spam Compliant Act to offer high quality bulk emailing for their clients. The firm maintains a fresh, updated email lists that are updated daily, making it the world’s first true Daily Data Feed and Email Marketing Software. more

bulk email marketing
bulk email marketing

Email Marketing Reseller Program – bulk email white label

White label and resell bulk email lists and resell bulk email software to make commision sales as an affiliate marketer.

White Label Email Marketing Reseller Program. A White label affiliate program is a particular form of affiliate program, which the affiliate will promote a product or service on his website without referring to the real service provider or the seller which is the merchant. As it would be for any affiliate program, the affiliate is paid according to a pay per sale commission. The visitor using a white label service is usually under the impression it is provided by the visited website. The real service provider may appear through payment process when a sale is done.

Official Email Marketing Reseller Program

Now you can white label and resell bulk email lists and resell bulk email software to make commision sales as an affiliate marketer.

  • Reseller Startup Guide to Affiliate Marketing: free and coming soon…
  • Email support to answer any questions you may have been asked from your clients. We will be your support!
  • White Label Email Software Support and Affiliate Login (your clients have a full time software support staff)
  • Huge Discounts on the Worlds Freshest Data

Official Reseller Discounts on the following Daily Data Feed;

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A Large Bonus 2 Million email records will be provided with all daily data feed account packages, there is no discount on setup fees.
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Bulk Email Marketing Software
(1.) Email Marketing Software Resellers can get a global discount of 10% off all account package setups and also on monthly renewals. You can generate additional income from clients adding IPs, and Domains and can choose your own pricing increase. We would receommend a price increase of 30% or more and you can also charge a setup fee to your clients. Current Software pricing can be found here
What to expect once you Register?
Once we receive your details and payment we will begin to process your reseller account and you will be instantly eligible for your reseller discounts. Anytime you place an order using a special order URL you get your discount. Your order will then be sent to you so you can email to your clients. You can bill your clinets seperatly and keep control of your own clients. Email list orders will be completed and you will be sent a coded link for the list. You can email your clients the link with a canned message thanking them for the order. All software account setups will be first setup, then login details will be sent to you so you can relay to your client. Remember you’re in full control and “you” bill your own clients for orders and renewals creating a solid foundation of clients exclusively for your own business.
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