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What is the difference between a biotechnology company and a pharmaceutical company? | Investopedia

What is the difference between a biotechnology company and a pharmaceutical company?

While biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies both produce medicine, biotechnology companies’ medicines have a biological basis, and pharmaceutical companies’ medicines have a chemical basis.

What is the difference between a biotechnology company and a pharmaceutical company?

Biotechnology companies use live organisms or their products, such as bacteria or enzymes, to manufacture their drugs.

Conversely, pharmaceutical companies use only chemical – and generally artificial – materials to create drugs.

Biotechnology also has more applications than pharmaceutical companies.

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What is Artificially Intelligent Marketing (AIM)

AI is generally A New Concept in marketing however can search engines like the organic Google directory be considered artificially intelligent already? I think the answer is yes.

Exactly ‘where does‘ the human element end and-the artificially intelligent element take over when discussing software?

(Wikipedia) has clearly Illustrated the definition: Artificial intelligence marketing or AIM, is a form of direct marketing leveraging database marketing techniques as well as AI concept and model such as machine learning.

AI and email marketing

With modern email platforms Like official email marketing many artificially enhanced marketing functions can be observed already.

Features such as rate-limiting, list segmentation, and pre-delivery spam checker – by spamassassin are all artificially enhanced marketing elements that can easily be added to Your Arsenal through a single dashboard.

The idea is not only to learn from your current marketing campaigns for future success, but to also utilize software that can enhance this capability automatically.

A new study has revealed mostly all businesses are ready for AI marketing.

Image Credit GCN

In fact merging artificially intelligence software with the best performing marketing method online creates one powerful solution for any business.

List marketing – reasons to buy email lists

Email marketing is a specific type of marketing focused on targeting consumers with the help of electronic mail (email).

Email marketing is so advanced these days it’s all managed online through a web-based platform.

If you’ve never created an email marketing campaign it can sound daunting and overwhelming at first.

(1) If you want to try email marketing you have to answer one important question – how to get an email list?

There are two ways to get a relevant email list that can help your business – to build your own list or to buy one.

Experts agree that buying an email list is a better option because it doesn’t require as much time or effort. Some marketers might even suggest purchasing email lists are a bad idea, however, most Fortune 1000 companies have built their contacts databases through this method and continue to do so whether it’s through database purchases or Acquisitions of other companies.

Most initial sales in small business are made through the command of email.

Of course, it will cost you money, but is this an investment worth the money?

Before we go into details and explain why it can be good to buy email lists, we would like to mention that you should stick to verified consumer emails provided by reputable sellers that vouch for their services.

Acquiring an Email Lists for List marketing is all about acquiring and using email list databases for marketing purposes.

By buying email lists from reliable sources, you will be able to maximize the effects of your list marketing efforts.

In conjunction with an email delivery software that can complement the delivery process, this method has been proven to work highly effective and it is argued to be the most affordable and effective marketing available today even with social media.

Simply said, it makes marketing easy, purchasing an email list makes the list marketing process quick.

Building an email list, on the other hand, requires time – weeks even months.

On top of that, no one can guarantee that you will be able to build a solid list even after long period of time.

This is the reason why you should buy an email list which you can use right away. A small investment can make a huge change.

It provides cost efficiency We don’t have to talk a lot about this.

By selecting a good email list provider, you will be able to get a valuable list of emails that will bring you an ROI profit.

So, we are talking about a one-time investment that can help you establish long-term relationships with your customers as the purchased databases can be used again and only get stronger and more credible with each successfully completed campaign.

It will grow your email list and this has a direct impact on your business.

The truth is that once you have a list of emails from potential customers, many of them will turn into loyal customers (with the right approach).

By sending regular newsletters and offers via email, you will build consistency and these customers will recommend your newsletters to their friends, family members and coworkers.

In this way, you will grow your existing email list.

It allows geographic selection The best email list providers are offering a geographic selection to their customer.

This means that you can get a mailing list associated with a certain area.

Of course, this area can be more specific (in this case you can use Zip codes or cities/states) or more general like the selection of countries or continents.

“It all depends on the targeted audience.”

This will help you understand why so many people interested in list marketing are buying email lists to add to and enhance their marketing efforts.

Keep in mind that it is expected that the number of daily email users will grow to three billion in the next four years, making email marketing even more powerful.

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How to Automate your Social Media Ads

The Importance of Social Media for Advertising

The best method to promote a product, company, organization or movement is an advertisement.

“Marketing is a vital process for any product or service.”

Social media is becoming the standard for advertising to a large consumer audience.

How suitable is social media for the promotion of your business?

Social media is unique because it’s one of the only marketing platforms where the masses interact daily.

Undeniably social media is an ideal platform for any business or service.

The presence of your business or service on social media is now crucial so consumers can acknowledge and interact with your products.

With more than 90% of the world’s population using social media frequently, people are paying more attention to advertisements on social media.

Social media can yield major benefits for business and your brand if used with the correct approach.

Social media is an integral part of basic marketing and the statistics support this fact.

Approximately, $72 billion was spent on social media and digital advertisements in 2016.

The revenue alone for ads on Facebook was up to $6.8 billion in 2016.

Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram were right behind.

Many marketers have unanimously stated that social media has given a tremendous boost to the sales, exposure, and production of their companies.

The problem of using the correct approach and the lack of knowledge about proper strategies still persists for many marketers and even if you’re posting great content it can be very limited if you’re not using the correct methods that a software can provide.

This is why more and more companies are using professional social media advertising agencies such as Needls.

The creative brains behind Needls are amazingly innovative. Needls provides anyone the expertise to promote their brand on social media and keep it growing steadily.

The Needls. Advantage

You can decide the options and scale of the promotion.

The marketing can be in the form of simple Facebook and Instagram posts or it can be in the form of a large campaign with more aggressive goals.

Needls has been significantly dominating the promotional advertisement on Facebook and Instagram since 2014.

Needls enjoys the reputation of being the internet’s first RoboAgency.

The system automatically creates, targets and optimizes your ads on Facebook and Instagram.

This means that it detects the most suitable audience for your ads by monitoring social media conversations in real time.

As a business owner or a service provider, you will get the advantage. Potential clients and consumers, who receive your ads for their requirement, get the advantage as well.

This creates an opportunity for a symbiotic relation.

QuilPen social media articles

Needls is a trendsetter in the history of social media advertising.

They not only will create innovative ads on social media that sell but also their robot system has covered great strides in just a few years.

You can easily get access to the most exceptional ads in the most cost effective way, thanks to Needls.

Even if you are a small-scale business owner, you can significantly scale up your profits and manage company budgets more effectively through a more automated service.

You can receive the best solution for your small-scale businesses and startups promotion at an unbelievably small price of $100.

The regular optimization makes the brand’s presence possible on Facebook and Instagram while targeting every possible audience associated with the brand.

At Needls, the staff ensures that your brand is acknowledged not only by your specific audience but also by everyone who frequently uses Facebook and Instagram.

This will raise the advertising of your brand to a new level. The experts at Needls will devote themselves to create a perfect promotional ad for your brand.

Needls is indeed a RoboAgency and this gives them leverage over most of the other social media marketing agencies that charge managing and promotional fees but fail to deliver constantly.

Needls will engage with social media for the promotion of your brand 24/7.

“Social media activities related to your brand such as displaying posts, sharing them, and managing likes will be carried out constantly regardless of the size of your business.”

The overall goal is to gain the attention of your ideal consumer towards the post and convert them into potential clients of your products and services.

These strategies will always contribute to the recognition of your brand.

The experts at Needls are accomplished in displaying a brand or service.

You will gain an upper hand on your rivals in sales.

This enables a company to spend the time and resources in boosting the overall productivity of the business, instead of spending that time and money on advertising.

About the Needls service

Needls yields far better results than other marketing methods like pay per click or SEO.

Needls will take your budget and stretch it far more than most individuals or marketing managers can manage on their own.

Running ads on Facebook and Instagram with a limited budget can be both hectic and time-consuming as you might already know.

Needls designs your perfect ad(s) that target the specific audience you’re looking to attract. The Robot monitors the ads and automatically optimizes them.

Needls will take care of the promotional campaign right from the start.

Getting started is so easy, you answer just six simple question related to your brand, product or service.

You can give your slogans, quotes, pictures, and messages as well.

Needls will create specific ads and target the audience effectively. It will continue to optimize your ads across Facebook and Instagram.

The methods used differentiate from those of other ad service agencies.

Needls targets ads by observing social media and keeping the track of buying signals and posts related to the brand or service.

The posts, comments, and tweets detected by Needls find potential clients for your products or services.

For example, someone posts a status, “Purchased a new house. Any recommendation on someone for interior decoration”. Needls will immediately send an advertisement to that user.

You can easily get new customers and save countless hours.

Needls offers many other amazing features.

The Landing Page Creation service will help you develop a high converting landing page, where you can receive messages and phone calls.

This will help you increase your sales if you do not own a landing page.

Needls reports relevant statistics and performances of your ads.

The latest Needls “Engage” option will give you an insight about the most viewed content that is pertinent to your brand.

You are guaranteed to reach new heights with the assistance that Needls can offer. [Learn More]

Digital Marketing Trends Predicted For 2017 | BuzzFeed

The industry that never stops is the one and only, digital marketing industry.

It constantly evolves latest customer acquisition tactics, new strategies of marketing and even growth channels.

“In today’s world, the social web is growing like a virus and becoming a strong platform for marketing.” Rodney Gray

With the rise of numerous formats and new channels, the social web has become a top-notch way to reach out to the target audience.

A devoted marketer constantly obtains new skills to learn and understand the usage patterns that keep changing with time.

Here are the latest digital marketing trends predictions for the most effective channels for 2017: Source: BuzzFeed

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Perfect Social Media Strategy | Medium

Before sending your first post, it’s important to have a detailed social media strategy in place.

This should outline what you want to achieve, such as more brand awareness, additional traffic to your website, or increased sales.

This strategy should then document what you need to do in order to achieve these set objectives and be used as a guide throughout the rest of your process.

Review your branding to ensure it’s clear and consistent across all of your social media channels (and other marketing platforms).

Use your logo for your profile pictures and ensure your cover images clearly display your business’ USP (unique selling point).

What Type of Social Media Marketer Are You? Interactive challenge

The major key is being remarkable and the best part is that social media allows a company to receive feedback on any campaign, even those not run online.

If a marketing or advertising campaign is remarkable in any way (good or bad), the company will hear about it, as the average customer today is very likely to share his or her experiences or opinions with their trusted circle on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

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Learn how to best allocate your time and resource with Social media management


Social media has fundamentally changed the way companies communicate with their customers.


What used to be a one-way dialogue has become a two-way conversation, a great channel that allows a company to receive both positive and negative feedback they can use to improve their products and services.

Back in the day, companies used to reach customers via different media formats: newspaper, radio, and TV.

All of these remain popular advertising channels; however, none make it possible to track their ROI.

How many customers ended up buying a product because of a specific marketing campaign?

How many buyers first learned about a product on the radio? How many of them saw a specific newspaper ad? It’s a guessing game at best.

When the Internet came around, and results were measurable by tracking website visits and click-through rates, metrics started to become more accurate.

But there was still no way to communicate with the customer — it was all about getting them to your website and hoping they would find what they were looking for.

The reason why a visitor left a website after only four seconds could only be speculated.

With the advent of social media marketing now has a totally different reach and return.

Social media allows for a true connection between the company and the customer, where both can communicate with one another.

It is one of the best examples for a true win-win situation: the customer can raise his opinion and get a response, while the company gets to dive deep into customer care and assess their overall performance.

Below are ways you can manage your social media

View the solution for managing your social media and Read the full article below;


Social media marketing articles on Buzzfeed

Publish Powerful Articles On LinkedIn That Get Noticed

It’s true! It’s Well Worth The Trouble To Publish Articles On LinkedIn..

According to LinkedIn: the average Influencer post can tally up more than 31,000 views and receives more than 250 likes and 80 comments”.

Granted not everyone is an influencer on LinkedIn with thousands of followers, however, if you are connected with people of similar interests and nurture the positive growth of your network you too can also see amazing results with a short period of time on LinkedIn.

To grow your Power on LinkedIn first you must…

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Protect Your Business Frоm Сrеdit Card Frаud

Rеѕеаrсh hаѕ rеvеаlеd it iѕ “frighteningly еаѕу” for fraudsters tо get the dеtаilѕ needed tо make fraudulent рауmеntѕ on someone else’s сrеdit card.

With some bаѕiс card information thieves can make purchases with your credit card, and even without the complete details сriminаlѕ саn guеѕѕ mоѕt ѕесuritу соdеѕ and expiry dates in under ѕix ѕесоndѕ.

Here’s everything уоu need tо knоw аnd hоw tо protect yourself and your online business against credit card fraud.

  • Whаt iѕ сrеdit саrd hacking?

Crеdit саrd hасking соvеrѕ a wide range оf сrimеѕ thаt involve ѕtеаling money frоm реорlе’ѕ bаnk ассоuntѕ uѕing ѕtоlеn оr сlоnеd credit аnd debit card details.

  • Hоw соmmоn is it?

Frаudѕtеrѕ have bееn сlоning bаnk саrdѕ аnd ѕtеаling реорlе’ѕ online account information fоr уеаrѕ. Thе frеԛuеnсу аnd ѕеvеritу оf attacks has inсrеаѕеd аѕ more finаnсiаl services shift оnlinе.

Hоw frаudѕtеrѕ саn gеt your dеtаilѕ

Fraudsters саn gеt hold оf реорlе’ѕ credit саrd dеtаilѕ very easily in many diffеrеnt ways.

Trаditiоnаllу, criminals hаd to uѕе time-consuming and riѕkу mеthоdѕ to gеt dеtаilѕ, such аѕ inѕtаlling a tооl onto ATMs and саrd mасhinеѕ, оr rifling thrоugh реорlе’ѕ waste рареr baskets.

But frаudѕtеrѕ саn nоw ассеѕѕ mаѕѕеѕ of finаnсiаl information with rеlаtivе еаѕе, not hаving tо leave the соmfоrt оf thеir sofa оr riѕk being ѕееn.

Sоmе оf thе most common mеthоdѕ used fоr credit card hacking include:

  • Steal Dаtа Оr Buу It Оn Thе Dаrk Wеb

Pеrѕоnаl information stolen in hасkѕ оftеn surfaces оn mаrkеtрlасеѕ оn thе dark web, аѕ thе hасkѕ аgаinѕt Friend Finder Nеtwоrkѕ, Yahoo аnd Drорbоx all show.

Thiѕ infоrmаtiоn can include еvеrуthing from nаmе аnd соntасt dеtаilѕ tо home аddrеѕѕ, credit саrd numbеr аnd dаtе оf birth.

Dереnding оn thе tуре оf information аvаilаblе, сriminаlѕ can еithеr guеѕѕ thе rеѕt оf уоur financial dеtаilѕ and begin ѕtеаling mоnеу, or lаunсh phishing аttасkѕ in оrdеr tо gаthеr mоrе dаtа.

  • Uѕе Рhiѕhing Аttасkѕ Tо Trick Victims

Sаvvу criminals саn uѕе рhiѕhing аnd ѕреаr phishing attacks tо еxtrасt finаnсiаl infоrmаtiоn frоm unsuspecting victims.

This is whеn fraudsters send unsolicited mеѕѕаgеѕ via text, email, роѕt, or mаkе telephone саllѕ that  арреаr tо соmе frоm оffiсiаl organisations such as thе bаnk, уоur рhоnе рrоvidеr оr government dераrtmеntѕ.

The mеѕѕаgеѕ аrе in fасt fake, and will оftеn аѕk uѕеrѕ to еntеr information tо rесеivе or fix ѕоmеthing. Recent examples include an iClоud tеxt mеѕѕаgе ѕсаm, оffеr оf a tax rebate аnd information fоr people worried about Brexit.

To launch a рhiѕhing аttасk all that is nееdеd iѕ соntасt infоrmаtiоn. Gеtting access tо a wеаlth оf рhоnе numbеrѕ оr email аddrеѕѕеѕ, through a hасk оr оthеrwiѕе, can bе a gold ruѕh fоr рhiѕhеrѕ, whо cast a wide net аnd hоре thаt a minority оf реорlе ѕраmmеd rеѕроnd with dеtаilѕ.

Sреаr phishing attacks аrе mоrе tаrgеtеd аnd оftеn invоlvе the аttасkеrѕ knоwing the nаmе, рlасе оf wоrk аnd job titlе оf a viсtim, for example. Much оf оur personal information, inсluding place оf work and rough lосаtiоn, iѕ rеаdilу аvаilаblе online.

Fоr some of uѕ, соntасt dеtаilѕ, including email аddrеѕѕеѕ аnd рhоnе numbеrѕ, are also ассеѕѕiblе withоut much effort from a ѕаvvу сriminаl.

  • Install Malware Thаt Ѕtеаlѕ Information

Malicious ѕоftwаrе can be installed on рhоnеѕ, соmрutеrѕ and оthеr dеviсеѕ fаirlу ѕimрlу and withоut viсtimѕ knоwing.

Cliсking оn аn infесtеd link оr рор-uр, downloading a bаd рrоgrаm оr арр, аnd visiting a wеbѕitе thаt iѕ diѕрlауing mаliсiоuѕ аdvеrtѕ are juѕt ѕоmе of the ways thаt ѕруing software саn make it оntо a dеviсе.

Recently is has been mentioned flashlight apps, and free Vpn apps can be full of malware. Stay face and know that there are some “bad apples” out there.

Mаlwаrе ѕitѕ quietly in the background and huntѕ for ѕеnѕitivе and finаnсiаl infоrmаtiоn thеn feeds whаt it findѕ bасk tо thе frаudѕtеr аdminiѕtеring it.

Whаt уоu can do tо рrоtесt уоurѕеlf

There аrе a number of wауѕ to рrоtесt уоurѕеlf frоm finаnсе scams оnlinе, mоѕt оf which invоlvе being аwаrе at аll timеѕ оf whаt соuld bе a ѕсаm. Here аrе some оf thе bаѕiсѕ.

Use Сrеdit Card Fraud Protection Software:

A good site to visit fоr рrоtесtiоn software is

CаrdVеrifу iѕ аn оnlinе сrеdit саrd fоrm gеnеrаtоr that аllоwѕ you tо сrеаtе frее сuѕtоm Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) with ѕесurе credit саrd purchase fоrmѕ аnd secure wеbѕitе соntасt fоrmѕ. Aftеr сrеаting a CаrdVеrifу ассоunt, they will рrоvidе уоu information so уоu саn quickly begin ассерting credit cards through your website.

Cаrdvеrifу helps eliminаtе frаudulеnt ordеrѕ аnd chаrgеbасkѕ.

Others bеnеfitѕ оf uѕing thiѕ ѕitе includes

– Cаrdvеrifу enables уоu tо tаilоr уоur TOS message and force ассерtаnсе аdding ѕресiаl tеrmѕ likе refund policy аnd more.

– уоur оrdеrѕ are signed by уоur customers tо bеttеr enforce your terms

– Sеtuр iѕ frее аnd CardVerify оnlу сhаrgеѕ a small 0.88 сеnt fee for each completed аnd vеrifiеd оrdеr.

– Completely ѕеtuр ассерting credit саrdѕ setting uр your mеrсhаnt ассоunt with a truѕtеd раrtnеrеd company оwnеd bу Visa.

– Accounts can API integrate with PауPаl to uѕе for your рrосеѕѕing.

– Nо Obligаtiоn Trial

Uѕе Ѕtrоng Аnd Uniԛuе Раѕѕwоrdѕ

Onе оf thе best ways tо keep online ассоuntѕ, frоm intеrnеt banking to your email, secure is tо never use thе ѕаmе раѕѕwоrd more thаn once. Thiѕ means thаt if fraudsters manage tо gеt hold оf the login dеtаilѕ fоr оnе оf уоur accounts they won’t аutоmаtiсаllу have ассеѕѕ tо everything.

Bеwаrе Оf Рhiѕhеrѕ

The bеѕt wау tо рrоtесt yourself from рhiѕhing аttасkѕ iѕ to аlwауѕ bе suspicious when you open еmаilѕ, respond tо social media messages оr receive a tеxt frоm someone уоu dоn’t knоw.

In particular, watch оut fоr messages thаt ask you tо provide infоrmаtiоn, ѕuсh as login оr bаnk dеtаilѕ.

Mоѕt соmраniеѕ аnd government ѕеrviсеѕ will nеvеr ask you tо lоg in tо your account, рrоvidе bаnk details оr dоwnlоаd a program within an еmаil оr tеxt. Tо be сеrtаin thаt correspondence iѕ lеgitimаtе, tуре оut web аddrеѕѕеѕ уоurѕеlf and lооk uр соntасt details оnlinе rather than clicking оn linkѕ within messages, whiсh саn lеаd tо fake versions.

Tо рrоtесt аgаinѕt spear рhiѕhing аttасkѕ, уоu should аudit the information that iѕ rеаdilу аvаilаblе about уоu online, such аѕ уоur nаmе, еmаil address, job dеѕсriрtiоn and where you аrе. Sеtting your ѕосiаl mеdiа ассоuntѕ tо private iѕ аlѕо advisable, whilе уоu ѕhоuld never роѕt pictures оf ѕеnѕitivе documents, ѕuсh аѕ bills and plane tiсkеtѕ.

Uѕе Antivirus Software

Onе of thе best ways tо dеfеnd аgаinѕt malicious software is tо uѕе an antivirus рrоgrаm thаt саn ѕсаn bеfоrе you download something, blосk ѕесrеt inѕtаllаtiоnѕ аnd look for mаlwаrе already оn уоur соmрutеr.

Othеr wауѕ tо рrеvеnt mаlwаrе from mаking it оntо your devices is tо сhесk the rеviеwѕ оn аррѕ, nеvеr click оn suspicious linkѕ, аnd diѕаblе аutоmаtiс downloads оn your brоwѕеr.

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