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Email Marketing Reseller Affiliate Program

With the OfficialEmailMarketing reseller program you can resell email lists and email marketing software. Make your profit on each sale without any upfront capital or large investment. You can choose to then resell your email lists and/or web-based email software for any price you choose.

Data feed and email list reseller: Resellers receive a large discount on any 3 daily data feed packages on continuous basis. Resellers also receive a marge discount on all email lists shown on the website. note: a Large Bonus 2 Million email records will be provided with all daily data feed account packages, no discount on setup fee.

Email Marketing Affiliate Program for Reselling Email Lists and Email Marketing Software

Bulk Email Marketing Software Reseller Affiliate Discount: Official Email Marketing Resellers also receive a global discount off all bulk email software packages and you can charge higher prices and include a setup fee. You earn money on additional Ips, and additional domains ordered by your clients. The possibilities for additional revenue and products are endless. Client email software accounts are billed monthly and you can earn a steady, ongoing, and growing, monthly subscription revenue from your clients.

You will have your own unbranded login for the software so you can build your own brand without our logo!

Official Email Marketing Affiliate Reseller Program


Help Wanted – Resellers for Email Marketing Services

Earn top commissions on one of the most sought after B2B and B2C marketing solutions, email marketing.

Now you can white label and become a reseller for email marketing lists and a web-based email marketing software. Make ongoing commision sales as an affiliate marketer!

Email Marketing Reseller Program

Learn More; http://www.officialemailmarketing.com/Bulk-Email-Lists-Reseller-White-Label

Kick Start Your Online Business with Email Software

Starting an online business could be a tough task especially if you are just creating your first website.

Maybe you struggle getting to know some tricks and tips of the trade.

One resource that many businesses are using to assist their ventures online is web-based email software for proper compliant sending.

Several years of development and research have gone to produce this software for email marketing.

If you want to reach out to your customers actively, email campaigns will be able to help you to keep in contact with your current and future customers almost instantly.

It’s a very powerful and effective way to promote businesses online, as it enables marketers to connect with a lot of prospects and customers, as compared to traditional methods.

Without email marketing software, it may be expensive, time consuming, and a hard daunting task to promote your business online!

When it comes to actual emails, lots of factors are going into constructing the body, subject and purpose.

The content depends on the type of impression that you want to make about your business among your targeted audience.

Most of this part of campaign was taken over by various software packages by including email templates, which have been use in real time.

Research has shown that the response time of the bulk emails originated from 3.5-10 percent more than, any of other ways to promote your business.

There are quick email extractors available online, which are able to create list of emails for you and some email marketing companies will not only provide the web based software for sending the emails but include email lists for use with the campaign.

If you have large email lists and suspect you might have some bad emails and have a desire to clean your email list email verifier programs are very useful for verifying the listed email addresses in the email list, as extracted by the software and check if they are fake or genuine.

A good verification or newsletter email software can also remove the duplicate email addresses, removes, and carrying out many more operations to ensure good email list hygiene.

Most software for email marketing is very easy to use and it consists of wizards that will help you if you are just getting started in the world of online marketing. The strategy of bulk email marketing can increase the presence of your business online by making casual visitors to be a part of your email list. An email will help you not only to make your customers aware of your existence, but also enable you to know them better. Bulk email software will help you in enhancing your brand presence and sales. more

Email Marketing Reseller Program – bulk email white label

White label and resell bulk email lists and resell bulk email software to make commision sales as an affiliate marketer.

White Label Email Marketing Reseller Program. A White label affiliate program is a particular form of affiliate program, which the affiliate will promote a product or service on his website without referring to the real service provider or the seller which is the merchant. As it would be for any affiliate program, the affiliate is paid according to a pay per sale commission. The visitor using a white label service is usually under the impression it is provided by the visited website. The real service provider may appear through payment process when a sale is done.

Official Email Marketing Reseller Program

Now you can white label and resell bulk email lists and resell bulk email software to make commision sales as an affiliate marketer.

  • Reseller Startup Guide to Affiliate Marketing: free and coming soon…
  • Email support to answer any questions you may have been asked from your clients. We will be your support!
  • White Label Email Software Support and Affiliate Login (your clients have a full time software support staff)
  • Huge Discounts on the Worlds Freshest Data

Official Reseller Discounts on the following Daily Data Feed;

Daily Data Feed – Reseller Pricing
(1.) Current $248.95 Per 30 days + Free Setup
(Reseller Wholesale Price $140.00)
(2.) Current $124.95 per 14 Days + $10.00 Setup
(Reseller Wholesale Price $75.00)
(3.) Current $65.95 per 7 Days + $10.00 Setup
(Reseller Wholesale Price $40.00)
A Large Bonus 2 Million email records will be provided with all daily data feed account packages, there is no discount on setup fees.
Reseller Discounts on the following USA Consumer Email Lists
(1.) Resellers will receive a large global discount of 30% on all email lists and prices posted on OfficialEmailMarketing.com.
Targeted lists by City, State, or Zip http://officialemailmarketing.com/email-lists-by-zip
Bulk Email Marketing Software
(1.) Email Marketing Software Resellers can get a global discount of 10% off all account package setups and also on monthly renewals. You can generate additional income from clients adding IPs, and Domains and can choose your own pricing increase. We would receommend a price increase of 30% or more and you can also charge a setup fee to your clients. Current OfficialEmailMarketing.com Software pricing can be found here http://officialemailmarketing.com/bulk-email-software
What to expect once you Register?
Once we receive your details and payment we will begin to process your reseller account and you will be instantly eligible for your reseller discounts. Anytime you place an order using a special order URL you get your discount. Your order will then be sent to you so you can email to your clients. You can bill your clinets seperatly and keep control of your own clients. Email list orders will be completed and you will be sent a coded link for the list. You can email your clients the link with a canned message thanking them for the order. All software account setups will be first setup, then login details will be sent to you so you can relay to your client. Remember you’re in full control and “you” bill your own clients for orders and renewals creating a solid foundation of clients exclusively for your own business.
White Label Bulk Email Marketing Affiliate Program Onetime setup fee Registration.