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3 Reasons This Is The Best Bet For Your Marketing Campaign | LifeHack.org

3 Reasons Why Emails Are Still The Best Bet For Your Marketing Campaign via LifeHack.org

For any company, half the battle is won if marketing strategies reduce the time required for planning, formulating strategies, and executing its marketing campaign.

“Email is that handy tool for most companies that not only reduces the execution time of efforts but also delivers quick responses.”

Email marketing campaigns provide companies with the ability to segment user and customer database information, cultivate more frequent communication with clients, increase the number of returning visitors your site receives, promote growth in sales volumes, track and optimize user behavior.

No matter how influential other advertising media platforms seem, emails are still the preferred choice of companies to target their audience and grow their business.

Original source: http://www.lifehack.org/505099/3-reasons-why-emails-are-still-the-best-bet-for-your-marketing-campaign

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Benefits of Email Marketing

What is Email marketing?

In the world of direct marketing, email marketing is the most popular. Email marketing makes use of electronic mail as a means of forwarding advertisements and commercials to people all over the globe.

This kind of marketing has become popular in this rapid growing technology-era. It has become an essential marketing tool yet many businesses are still not taking full advantage of this simple method of marketing.

Having  an instant connection with your customers can develop a merchant-customer relationship in order to enhance business based upon loyalty and trust. Providing valuable information about your product or industry or special offers can always entice new business.

It is not only used to develop a merchant-customer relationship but to send emails to new customers and companies to better promote your business.

Your messages are delivered with the click of a button to a wide range potential customers. This is the basic foundation and purpose of business marketing.

This article discusses why email marketing has become one of the best marketing techniques.

  • 6 Comparison with traditional marketing methods.

Email marketing is very different from the traditional marketing in many noticeable areas;

  1. It promises an exact return on investment and the marketing results can easily and efficiently be tracked down. Email is reported to be a much more cost effective marketing means than the mainstream mail marketing techniques.

  2. The advertisers can make a direct communication with the customers unlike in the mail marketing.

  3. To some degree it does not require any initial investment. Traditional marketing methods required money for even a small advertisement. With email you can create craft and send a limited number of messages without any special software or hardware.

  4. A single email can address a million people at a time unlike in other marketing methods.

  5. The emails can even be made personal depending upon the quality of Daedalus that you obtain. Some data has numerous fields of information like full name mailing address phone numbers and more.

  6. It requires less time and money compared to most other marketing strategies.

There is a reason that mostly every Fortune 1000 company and major brand or business uses email marketing to some degree.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

With the rapid increase of internet usage globally, email marketing is becoming the most frequent marketing means.

According to a research, email marketing has proved profitable to many businesses and startups.

Email is arguably one of the most profitable and beneficial marketing methods in this digital era.

  • Increased opportunities

This widely used means of marketing offers more opportunities for small businesses that are on their road to success.

With email marketing, businesses can develop their roots anywhere and form relationships with a larger audience right from the start.

  • It is Targeted

The issue of non targeted marketing had been solved by Official Email Marketing.

With the emergence of email marketing, one completely has the authority of his business audience. One of the major benefits of email marketing provides the ability to build and grow your email contacts databases with each new campaign sent. This database has tremendous value to your company’s marketing efforts.

The messages and emails are usually sent to the specific clients who have signed up for it or opted in.

  • It increases brand/business awareness

Better designs, smart and precise creative writing will surely grab the viewer’s attention.

When consumers read the email messages or click through a call to action link contained within the body of your message, this can be tracked by the email marketing software.

Opens, reads and clicks can be collected automatically by using web-based software platforms such as Official Email Marketing.

  • Email Marketing is Shareable.

With a single click of a button, a single email can be shared with millions of other people. Any new news or offers are immediately forwarded to clients and customers.

This way any new company information does not stay behind the curtains and is immediately shared and viewed by many.

  • Develops a merchant-customer relationship

Sending emails to the customers and companies with a purpose of developing a loyal advertiser-customer relationship. The emails sent to previous customers are given a more positive response.

  • Provides an open platform for merchant-customer communication

In the online marketing process, there are always a number of questions from customers.

Many companies have  stated this problem was a major issue and quite a cumbersome process before an email marketing strategy was introduced.

Now, via emails, the business can easily ask their clients about the marketed product. This way businesses are taken to another level. And if your client no longer wants to participate they can easily opt-out or remove themselves from any future mailings.

  • It is measurable

There are many marketing avenues that can not give precise results, like print, radio, or traditional static ads. Rather the results are ambiguous.

Email marketing technology has the potential to draw delivery rates, clicking rates and viewing rates very accurately and build your database strength ongoing.

The customer’s feedback can further tell the business what’s-working and what’s-not.

  • Email Marketing is Cost effective.

One of the major benefits of email marketing is that it requires no investment. Email marketing is cheap. Unlike the usual manual traditional marketing, it does not involve any printing or posting costs.

  • It is easy to create

You don’t require a huge marketing team to start your business marketing plans.

  • It is easy to track

Many online softwares are now developed to track down the customer’s activity and will provide important campaign statistics.

  • Fast responses

Email marketing, along with being cost effective, is also time efficient. With a good subject header and informational email message your response rate will increase.

  • Flexible

Flexibility is another characteristic of email marketing. With the statistical knowledge of the emails, the advertisers work out the parts that are working and the ones that are not sometimes considered split testing.

This can eliminate any wasted campaigns and promote more efficient marketing ongoing.

  • Global

Another very major advantage of email marketing is that it is spread over a wide platform.

With a single click, you can send a single advertisement to a wide range of people all over the world who further shares it with others.

  • Highly Personal

Emails are flexible enough to allow the sender to personalize with the details one wants. The sender can make formal and informal advertisements depending upon the audience and fields of data provided in the data lists.

The way of not only addressing the greetings can be adjusted in emails, and use of city, phone number, comments or any other information can be inserted into the email for additional personalization.

This facility is obviously not available in any other kind of marketing strategy.

  • Interactive

Email marketing is interactive. One can make use of videos, games and even music along with simple written messages to keep the targeted viewer drawn in.

  • Less Limitations

Email marketing can be initiated or scheduled for anytime and from anywhere.

It does not actually require a particular environment to get started as it’s online web based software.

  • Requires less efforts

The efforts put in by a marketer is far less than those put in by a regular methods. However it’s of high importance for best response to make an attractive advertisement.

  • Boosts up the business

Businesses that are slowing growth because of poor marketing strategies are breaking new ground and growing again with email marketing.

According to recent marketing report, businesses that are stuck with the same marketing methods need to switch to new marketing approaches like email newsletter campaigns and Influencer marketing.

  • Segmentation

Segmentation is the practice of splitting up your email list into more targeted groups. No other marketing method other than email marketing allows segmentation.

  • Immediacy

Emails have made marketing faster than it was before.

A business can start seeing positive responses within minutes of emails being delivered. Previously, the businesses had to wait days and even months after placing new advertisements.

With email marketing, the results are seen immediately.

The immediacy of the email marketing can also be linked to the faster communication means that the marketing has brought with itself.

The Email advertisers don’t need to wait for anything and can immediately send emails to millions of people advertising their new products.

  • More Frequent Communications

Just because email takes a very short time to create and send messages to a huge audience, it has made communication between the advertiser and the customer faster and more frequent.

Instead of posting regular emails and letters to the clients once or twice in a month, e-marketing allows daily news update to the subscribers about the new products and services.

  • It is simple and efficient

Most of all, email marketing is just as simple as one advertiser would dream of.

Anyone can do it anywhere and at any time without any external issues. Apart from being a very easy way of advertising, it is just equally effective and has helped boost up millions of businesses worldwide.

Things to be kept in mind when email marketing

Despite the numerous advantages and wonders of this kind of marketing, there are a few things to be very particular about while email marketing or your emails would be of little or no help.

  • Relevance

Emails allow a huge space to the advertisers for writing everything they can to market their business.

However, relevance is very important when writing emails.

The clients may get put off and stop further viewing your email if it is too lengthy and off the track or pitchy.

  • Timing

Don’t send emails too frequently that the subscribers stop paying attention to them.

Also, some have said don’t send emails in the working hours. Emails sent at busy hours may not be responded to and may even end up in the spam folder.

  • Creativity

Make your emails very catchy for the viewers. Get creative and know your industry. Sign up for competing company newsletters and understand how they sell differently.

  • Attributes

When writing emails, there are a few important attributes that should not be ignored.

For instance, do not forget the subject line and the header. Take time with your subjects headers and read about how to best create them.

Highlight the points that you want to emphasize upon. Also, be very careful while differentiating between formal and informal emails.


If your businesses marketing efforts are not shocking and amazing you are not getting the required outcomes.

Have a real look into your marketing strategies. Marketing is an essential tool for a successful businesses. If you haven’t considered email marketing for your business until now, switch.

In today’s ever-changing marketing arena, email marketing is proved to be the most suitable marketing strategy overall.

It is a targeted, flexible, credible, cost-effective and the most time efficient marketing method.

Learn how email can help your business today: http://www.officialemailmarketing.com

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3 Reasons Nothing Beats Email Marketing | Lifehack.org

This trend and popularity of email marketing has made people wonder why email marketing presents such tremendous benefits over other newer forms of marketing? Why does email drive better returns on investments? Why does emails lead to better customer engagement metrics in comparison to other marketing techniques? Well, all of these are valid questions and we try to summarize the answers in below:

3 Reasons Nothing Beats Email Marketing | Lifehack
3 Reasons Why Email Marketing Works Better in 2017 | Lifehack.org

Read Full Article on Lifehack: http://www.lifehack.org/505099/3-reasons-why-emails-are-still-the-best-bet-for-your-marketing-campaign

Are spam and bulk email the same thing?

Bulk email marketing has received much attention among marketers during the recent years. The benefits delivered from this marketing method to the businesses have contributed a lot towards its popularity. Most people get confused when trying to figure out the difference in between bulk email marketing and spam email marketing. Spam email marketing is something unethical and it is not in a position to deliver any benefit to your customers or business. Spam will not provide a valid opt-out method and it typically of zero interest.

When it comes to bulk email marketing, small business owners and marketers, typically build and create an email list on their own.

This list would usually contain the email addresses of potential customers who show some sort of an interest towards the business and categorized in some way. This list will also typically have the address, and other contact information along with just the email. As a result, an email that is sent from a bulk email marketing campaign would never be delivered to a recipient who doesn’t show any interest towards the business, and if it was a valid automated method for the recipient to opt-out would be an option.

Through bulk email, it’s an easy task to promote your products or services to potential customers on an ongoing basis. That’s because you are not promoting what you got to complete strangers, and the idea is to slowly build your databases while allowing the recipients to always have the option for removal. Based on the feedback, you will be able to improve your bulk email marketing campaigns accordingly over time. Like any type of internet marketing there might be an initial learning curve to understand how it all works if you’re using a trusted bulk email marketing software provider.

Marketers who are new to bulk email marketing often wonder whether anybody reads the mails that are being sent. From recent studies, it has been identified that a lot of people tend to read the mails that are being sent through bulk email marketing programs and that number is increasing due to mobile phone browser technology improvements. The popularity of this marketing method among companies around the world bears testimonials to this proven method of marketing.

Bulk email marketing can be considered as one of the easiest methods available to attract repeat businesses and visitors. That’s because it is highly unlikely for someone to come to your store and become a customer for the very first time. Through bulk email marketing, you are promoting your products and services to customers and business partners who already have a clear understanding about what your business is. They have already purchased something from you and they know about your order and delivery process as well. Therefore, people would tend to purchase again from you because they know what they would receive. Repetitive email contact with a growing email database is a great way to gain that trust and familiarity.

People often mistake bulk email marketing with spam email marketing They are very different.

whats bulk email?
what’s the difference between spam email and bulk email?

It is important to proceed with a clear understanding about the difference that exists in between these two marketing methods. Bulk email marketing is not illegal and it can deliver amazing benefits for a business in the long run. That’s mainly because opt-in email lists are being used during the email marketing campaign and proper compliant email software is used in the delivery process in many cases. In other words, all the people who receive the emails that are sent by you have opted to receive them in some way and have an interest in your business topic. Therefore, you just need to send appropriate email and experience the benefits that come in return.

Easily create an email marketing campaign: http://www.officialemailmarketing.com

Support: http://officialemailmarketing.com/contact

What is email list building?

Marketing is essential for the website owners to survive in the tough competition. Email list building can be considered as one of the most important tools that can be used for Internet marketing today. Nothing is more cost effective and instant like email. Email list building can be defined as the process of creating a database that consists of potential individuals who are interested in the same niche of your website.

Therefore it can also be considered as gathering contacts as much as possible, “that are interested in your product or service”. Email list building is recognized as a process which consumes a lot of time and money. However, there are some methods to engage in email list building without large amounts of money for services.

One bright color smiling pencil among bunch of gray sad pencils
how to start with list building?

An email lists can be used as your core foundation to your small business’s marketing plan. If you have a good email list, it will be easy for you to conduct a powerful sales letter, offer new products, connect to your core group. Most importantly, you will get the opportunity to sell your products or services to potential consumers directly. List building allows you to interact on a more personal level, quickly  understanding what your customers want and expect from your business or offer.

Email list building gives you the opportunity to send repeated invitations or information to the people, asking them to go and see your website, and also provides the opportunity for them to opt out if they so choose when you send your message compliant and follow the rules of responsible email marketing.

When a potential client gets more information, and your message provides answers to common questions, valuable information, or a special offer they will tend to go and have a look at your website. This increased traffic will increase your chances of obtaining sales. Therefore email list building can also be considered as a good asset for the development of your website. The visitors who come to your website will tell their friends and family members about your services and it will also generate sales through word of mouth. Therefore the basic idea behind email list building is the process of gathering email addresses which you can use to promote your product in the future. One of the main problems today is many services that provide email marketing sending softwares will block your account if it gets any spam complaints.  Be sure to use an email sending software that works for your needs and will let you upload your purchased email lists, and any data that might bounce, or get complaints.

onlinerelationshipmarketingThe main objective of email list building is to create online relationships. According to the research, it has been identified that creating online contacts are much effective than creating physical contacts as the message can be sent much quicker and more efficiently.

Purchasing an email list for list building marketing, can create a trusted goto database for release whenever you have exciting news. People who live in the present world are very impatient and small businesses must get in front of the consumer for less cost to succeed in today’s digital marketplace. If you have not tried email list building it’s recommended buying from a trusted source like official email marketing, they were established in 2010 and offer US consumer and b2b marketing lists for sale starting at just $29, The lists are complete with verified contact email address, phone number, source, date, and full contact records.

Creating Email Lists That Will Catch the Attention of Your Audience

Email marketing is a marketing tool that is becoming increasingly popular and widespread, and rightly so. On a day to day basis, the majority of individuals immerse themselves in technology, using it to stay up to date on the latest trends and news stories.

One of the first and most certain places that they go to do this is their email account. Today, it is easy to sign up for an email list that feeds consistent information, sometimes on a daily basis, to its subscribers. Using this widespread habit to benefit your campaign can do wonders for your company.

get attention with email marketingHaving said that, taking advantage of these habits should be done with careful consideration. As the go-to marketing guy or gal for your business, there are a number of email marketing softwares that you might consider and attempt to utilize for your efforts and email marketing purposes. However, choosing a software that emphasizes conversion, ease of use, and manageability through your email marketing lists is not necessarily guaranteed. Official Email Marketing provides an email marketing software that allows you to create and manage your email lists with superlative efficiency. In addition to the option that allows you to upload your own email marketing lists, our software also provides you with the opportunity to work with our own established email lists for sale. In other words, if you do not yet have an email list to use with your email campaigns, you can purchase one of the diverse lists we have for sale in order to get you started.

Utilizing either of these options with our software helps you build an email marketing campaign that maximizes conversion rates and gets your information out to your email following.


official email marketing

Many growing companies agree that the utilization of email marketing is a significant factor to success that allows you to reach and draw in more people in already competitive markets. In fact, these same individuals and others like them agree that email marketing, in today’s world where technology and social platforms are key, is a foundational part of their marketing strategies. In other words, regardless of the type of company or business you have, email marketing is a core aspect that should not go overlooked. Understanding how to create and manage email marketing lists with respect to this ideal can go a long way in your journey to building your following and increasing your customer base.


Official Email Marketing offers a software that can help you accomplish all of the above. We are experts in the long line of email marketing software companies and work efficiently to maximize opt-ins and generate leads. Our email marketing software is a tried and true platform that has dedicated itself to making sure that it can help you accomplish your needs. Not only have we built a software that makes it easy to create diverse campaigns for your clients, but also one that makes it simple to manage your lists and track important statistics.

3 Proven to Work Marketing Strategies – WallStreetSelect

Online marketing is a consistently changing landscape, some might say this method works, and others might say just the opposite.  What’s really working for online businesses and what are the “Real” top marketing techniques that are working today?

Successfully marketing your products and services is quite obviously one of the main ingredients to running a successful business. Finding the right advertising methods that convert to sales for you business requires some experimentation and might differ according to the products, services you offer.

Listed below are a few of the top strategies that have been proven effective;

Top 3 Online Marketing Strategies in Order

1.) Google Adwords: This is a very effective method for gaining local and non-local sales. Adwords can get expensive if you let it get out of control; I have personally spent over $250,000 on Adwords alone in the last 6 years and the advertising converts well however be sure to stick to a budget, and manage your keywords. With Google Adwords keywords, it is very important to block any negative keywords that are not focused on your target. “How-to” in your Adwords account Click on Keywords, then search terms, then you can start blocking only the non-relevant keywords that Google will automatically create based on what they believe to be relevant, this is very important and you need to manage this area.

2.) Email Marketing: Obviously email has opened huge possibilities for small and large businesses to reach out to vast amounts of potential clients at once. Email marketing can be affordable overall and client acquisition cost is typically very low. Traditionally what the email list providers generally lacked was the all-in-one approach, and key email marketing tools which were missing. Getting started with email marketing is easy and has proven to be the absolute best method for list building techniques and choosing the right company is equally important.

3.) Social Media – Here are the benefits of social media marketing for businesses. For any industry, the key to success is targeting your specific audience. Social media makes this possible, and easier to accomplish than ever. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, for example, let you target a specific niche and interact with a social group in your area of expertise. Social media for small and large business has allowed companies to increase brand awareness and reach of their potential customers at little to no cost.

Marketing your business is key to success.

Marketing allows a business to reach out to potential customers; in some cases attempting to persuade the consumer to leave one business and try another! Marketing must invite promise and at times even give things away in the form of promotions, to spark excitement and a broader interest in what you have to offer.

Full Article: http://investor.wallstreetselect.com/wss/news/read?GUID=32021056

Top 2 most Effective Types of Online Marketing for 2016

With a plethora of online marketing tools and social media platforms to choose from these days it’s hard to know exactly what types of marketing. platforms are working. 

1. Google Ads: pay-per-click ads work well but can get extremely expensive. You can order up marketing on a pay per lead basis. There is a moderate learning curve but over time it can be easy to manage, or have managed for you.

2. Email Marketing: hands down email marketing is one of the most effective forms of advertising online today. With email you can build and grow your marketing data lists, so over time your brand gets stronger with each campaign sent. 

Overall the fastest and cheapest way to get marketing effectively is email marketing. 

Get started with email marketing, view pricing, learn more here. 

strategies for the average consumer.
Best marketing strategies for small businesses

Email Marketing Data Lists for your Business.

Email marketing creates a valuable asset for your business by building data lists to use again, and keep connected with your customers.

Email communication is one of the most cost effective and safest ways to generate sales and awareness for your business and brand online almost immediately.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

The data sold is verified daily and only the absolute best data is retained after running through our rigorous email verification program. If any of your purchased email data bounces, or fails delivery for any reason we will replace that data free of charge no questions asked.

Learn more;