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Facebook Video and Facebook Live: The Future for Marketers

Believe it or not, Facebook is the answer for marketers. You heard that right—the once-clogged feed of engagement announcements, photos of babies on vacation and birthday wishes is the next frontier for brands reaching their audience in compelling ways.

Creating an effective Facebook strategy needs to be an essential focus, and with influencer marketing now becoming a staple, huge opportunities exist for brands that invest at the intersection of these two complementary approaches.

Facebook video and Facebook Live are the two main products that will attract the most attention from marketers, but not before they identify a person (or animal, for that matter) with a robust following to participate in an engaging campaign across either platform.

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Facebook launches interactive full-screen ads called Canvas

At an event in New York today, Facebook launched its newest product for marketers: interactive mobile ads called Canvas, which it first announced back in September.

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Facebook launched Canvas

Canvas is an evolution of the earlier Carousel ads, which allowed users to swipe through multiple product or brand photos if they were interested in more information.

The ads were designed to be fairly unobtrusive for the end user. They look virtually the same as regular ads while on your News Feed (other than a small ‘tap to open’ prompt), but when you click through, the full experience loads quickly. You can return to your News Feed by clicking on the ‘X’ on the top-left corner.

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Effective Marketing Teams Use One Rule On Facebook – Forbes

If you have spent any time trying to market anything, you know that ignoring Facebook is not optional. However, trying to figure out how to market and what to market is a challenge. To help I took a look at a few Facebook pages of some brands – large and small for in this case, size most assuredly does not matter. You will see one common denominator. It is the one rule corporate marketing teams use to create effective Facebook campaigns. It is simple, yet often overlooked.

Know Yourself First

To begin with, scroll through the page maintained by Lancaster Insurance out of the U.K. They provide automobile insurance for classic cars, and have figured Facebook out, literally. A quick scroll through their page and you immediately understand who they are and what they do. The feed is full of classic car pictures. It is pure eye candy for the classic car enthusiast.

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Effective Marketing Teams Use One Rule On Facebook - Forbes

Yet make no mistake, these are not just randomly chosen images. On the contrary, Lancaster uses Facebook to raise brand awareness by increasing customer engagement. “We post lots of pictures but we also will ask questions with the pictures as a way to engage with our audience,” says Richard Morley, Operations Director.

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