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Ok.. How Do I Send A Press Release For My Company?

It’s funny but even today I still meet business owners that have no idea how to send a media press release for their business: Maybe you think traditional forms of media awareness like press releases are dead, but I can assure you they work better than mostly anything you can do… Of course you first need a company that has something newsworthy to share!

It’s true one of the best things an entrepreneur can do for his business is to make it successful, and when that happens you need to let your customers know about how your successful companies’ products and services can better help them!

“A press release has been proven to be one of the most trusted methods for this type of media attention a company needs when it succeeds.”

What are press releases typically used for?

Press releases are used to share newsworthy content with interested parties. However press releases are commonly used to complement any existing SEO strategy. The Send Press Releases distribution uses a mechanism that allows your news appear in the “News” section of a Google search. This has been proven to drive organic traffic to your website, generating a positive targeted buzz, and brand awareness.

If you are considering sending a press release for your company it’s highly recommended to use a company like SendPressReleases.com to always ensure you get a complete delivery report and the industry’s lowest rate. All press releases sent with SendPressReleases.com will show up on Google News, Bing, and Yahoo! news, as well as any other active search engine. This is a powerful distribution network and can also include ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC’s news sites and affiliates. The pricing for a media press release is cheaper than you think!

“Mostly all successful companies take advantage of the press release because they recognize that is one of the most legitimate and widespread methods for reaching the media and beyond.”

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Send Press Releases / Google News, Yahoo, and Bing, NBC, CBS, MORE $99

Sending a press release provides information about your organization and allows you to share with the public through the media.

After the press release writing is done, you can submit a press release by choosing a trusted company. Getting your Press Release in Google News, Yahoo, and Bing.

In addition to all the major search engines – Your press release will be included to in, social media, radio & television news sites and it gets even better!

Your press release is also guaranteed to go on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC’s news sites and affiliates. A complete report will be provided.

How to get your article included in the major search engines. Articles that are clear and focused with correct spelling and grammar make for a much better user experience.

6 Ways A Press Release Can help Your Business
Sending A Press Release Can help Your Business Grow!

Google News uses a computer algorithm to automatically crawl news sites. To help the system determine which webpage’s are actually articles, your site should follow our Technical Guidelines.

Nothing Has the Power of a Press Release

Create and format your release for free then choose to have it released when you need: Once again your press release is Guaranteed on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Google News, Bing News, 375+ newspaper and major news sites, social media, and even radio & television news sites. It gets even better and also can guaranteed to also go on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC’s news sites and affiliates.

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