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Publish Articles On LinkedIn That Get Noticed

It’s Well Worth The Trouble To Publish Articles On LinkedIn.

According to LinkedIn: the average Influencer post can tally up more than 31,000 views and receives more than 250 likes and 80 comments”.

Granted not everyone is an influencer on LinkedIn with thousands of followers, however, if you are connected with people of similar interests and nurture the positive growth of your network you too can also see amazing results with a short period of time on LinkedIn.

To grow your Power on LinkedIn it’s first important to remember the basics;

Maybe the most important thing is to have a profile picture with a clear headshot you and update your profile frequently.

On LinkedIn’ you’re creating a sort of online resume with your background and business acumen.

For self-employed individuals and small business owners, LinkedIn is an amazing opportunity for you to reflect upon your personal background and achievements allowing you to connect on a more personal level with your connections and share information or even create articles catered to or focused on your business.

What Does Publishing an Article on LinkedIn Accomplish?

Become a LinkedIn Influencer with Articles
LinkedIn Article Writing Will Grow Your Influence

“Publishing an article on LinkedIn is worth the effort and I have built an amazing network of positive connections from all around the world that love to read and comment on my articles. LinkedIn provides a network for businesses, article writers, and entrepreneurs.”  – Rodney Gray on LinkedIn

LinkedIn for Article Writing
Easily create articles with LinkedIn

If you have something to say to a large audience of business leaders and successful individuals LinkedIn is without a doubt the best social platform for you.  With LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to reach other professionals from around the globe. You can connect with senior leaders, potential clients, employers, partners, mentors, or whatever connection suits your interest. If you have something to say to a large audience of business leaders and successful individuals LinkedIn is without a doubt the best social platform for you.

It provides you the opportunity to connect with people that can even impact your business or career.

The audience on LinkedIn is looking for the content leaders;

Many posts or articles on LinkedIn can appear outside your connection network and can help you connect with related people long into the future. Don’t be shy to make the first request to the connection it’s a fabulous way to be introduced.

6 LinkedIn Stats That Stand Out: June 1st, 2017

  1. LinkedIn sends nearly four times more people to your homepage than Twitter and Facebook.
  2. LinkedIn helps big time in direct traffic to your site. In other words, the benefits of publishing are very much worth your while.
  3. LinkedIn Users Are Way More Likely to Visit your Homepage
  4. LinkedIn Is Growing Fastest Among New Graduates
  5. Forty Percentage of users use Linkedin Daily
  6. 13% of Millennials (15-34 Years old) use Linkedin.

LinkedIn has 466,000,000+ registered members according to its official counter. Some of the impressive country-by-country breakdowns include:

Although LinkedIn has proven such a powerful platform many business owners are barely using LinkedIn for the great possibilities;

  • 128 million Americans use LinkedIn (40.1% of the entire population)
  • 12 million Canadians use LinkedIn (34.1% of the entire population)
  • The UK has 20 million LinkedIn users, Australia has 7 million, and India has 35 million

How do I write an article people will read and interact with?

It’s easy and anyone can do it if. Begin with what’s familiar and of interest to you. Then you need to select your topic;

  • I like to start with my topic and subject header (six or seven words long). This helps set the tone for the entire article and the subject header can also change in tandem with your writing to cater to the core overall message.
  • Fulfill a need or interest for your audience but also remembering your core audience and interests of your LinkedIn connections you’re trying to influence.
  • Research your topic and provide valuable information that will educate the reader. Think of Including details like images profiling your message, industry statistics or market research.
  • Update your articles. After publishing your articles it’s a good idea to keep your LinkedIn article publishings up to date and relevant to current information. Many writers think quickly and can make simple mistakes (It’s allowed), so correcting your research or article information when presented with new information. It will always benefit the reader.

Publishing an Article on LinkedIn

All you need is a LinkedIn account your article and a header image (recommended for best clarity 1200 x 628 and Image result for minimum size 1536 x 768 pixels.

“It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way.”

– Ernest Hemingway

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Become a Sales Superstar on LinkedIn

The cold call is slowly.. dying… Leverage the power of LinkedIn to sell more — and succeed faster.

I find it funny how we live in a country (Canada) where people ( apparently ) are more upset by getting an unsolicited email than a knock on the door – for an unsolicited solicitation at dinner time..

“However I don’t think this is the true attitude of most Canadians.”

I think the problem is with the the decision-makers and policymakers that have no clue about the advancements of technology and probably shouldn’t be in a position to make those decisions of which they don’t understand;

These decisions cost millions of dollars and impact every everyone and stunts our advancements in technology as a result.

What’s the solution? Maybe better utilizing a collaboration of forward-thinking leaders, inventors and entrepreneurs.

But until then you have a powerful voice on LinkedIn and it allows you to connect in ways many business owners and entrepreneurs have yet to understand.

In my opinion LinkedIn is hands-down the best platform for any business.

Use LinkedIn for an effective sales strategy
Linkedin for small business

CREDIT: Getty Images

With social media the Power is truly put back into the people.

Platforms like LinkedIn have been Visionaries and how they allow a person two Network and collaborate with the social community that they have effectively built and connected with.

Social media has forever changed the function of the salesperson.

We are now in the era of “social selling” where the art of appealing to the savvy and highly informed buyer takes place online long before a deal can be closed.

The days of cold calls are over because they just don’t work as an effective method for capturing leads with today’s instant communication and advancements in technology and social platforms.

Make your profile reflect your business

Don’t view your profile as a resume only potential buyers are actually using social media just as much as recruiters. Your profile is now a marketing tool, so you should use it to make a case for your expertise and your company. Make sure you have professional images and company logos. Embed any multimedia that illustrates the advantages of working with your company, including videos or case studies. Package information in ways that allows viewers to easily digest what you have to offer. Remember, you are just as searchable as any of your prospects, so anyone who may be interested in engaging with you will make your profile the first or second stop.

Find the right people

Put yourself in the prospect’s shoes. Today’s reality is that on average, there are more than seven people involved at a company for any B2B purchase. They simply don’t want to be sold to; they want to be informed and advised on direction–and there’s nothing that turns a buyer off more than getting a barrage of sales pitches when they’re not remotely a part of the decision process.

The cold call is slowly dying, so it’s far more effective to handpick a smaller, targeted consumer data lists than spraying and praying.

Grow your current network to find connections that will open doors.

be sure with platforms like LinkedIn that you sync your Gmail contacts and personal contacts to connect with them from the start.

This isn’t great method for keeping in close contact with your connections and nurtured relationships.

The best sales opportunities happen because of referrals. This is simply how business gets done.

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The idea is “not always” just to make money, it’s to also invest in places that your business can gain from in the future – for a brighter future. 💥

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5 Tactics to Promote Your Venture on LinkedIn Without Spending A Buck

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of LinkedIn? The choice of words might differ from individual to individual, but the crux would certainly be- ‘a business-oriented social networking platform, essentially designed for developing professional relations, having industry discussions and job hunting.’ However, there’s way much more to LinkedIn’s offerings than just facilitating professional network building.

LinkedIn over the time, has evolved into one of the major social media marketing platforms. However, unlike Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, where businesses get a personal access to their target audience and therefore, can market themselves pretty easily with status updates, images and other casual posts, LinkedIn does not welcome blatant pushing of your business, spamming or hard selling. But needless to say, the quality of audience that this platform offers you to reach out to, is highly relevant and uncompromisable. So, to tap this potential, it is imperative to design a special marketing strategy by weighing each and every aspect and attribute of this platform.

Here are a few hacks, you might like to try out for building a strong base to market your venture on LinkedIn:

19 is the fastest growing social network and almost mandatory for business these days.

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How to increase your LinkedIn profile views by 400%+

In one week, I increased the number of people looking at my LinkedIn profile by 425%. And that’s pretty exciting — more views means more potential job opportunities, more connections, and more visibility in my industry.

Also exciting? The only thing I did differently in those seven days was start and participate in a few group discussions.

Now that I’ve discovered how beneficial it is to be an active contributor, I’m making it my goal to join group discussions at least once a week. Here’s how to do the same, so you can make your profile views soar.

1. Find the right group
If you’re already a member of several groups relevant to your industry, profession, or interests, great. If not, let’s fix that.

Go to the search bar at the top of the page and enter some keywords. If you’re a content strategist, try “content strategy,” “content marketing,” “creative content solutions,” and the like; if you’re into cloud computing, try “cloud computing,” “cloud storage,” “cloud services,” “cloud computing and virtualizations,” and so on. Then, in the left bar, click “Groups” to filter your results. You can also do a “blank search” (press Enter without typing anything) and let LinkedIn show you the groups it considers most relevant to you.

Groups range from the broad (like “Content Strategy”) to the ultra-specific (like “Women in Marketing, Chapel Hill, NC “), and each has its merits, but don’t limit yourself to one size. If you’re just starting out, join one small group (less than 100 members), one medium group (less than 1,000 members), and one large group (anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 members). This strategy lets you be a big fish in a small pond, a medium fish in a medium pond, and a small fish in a big pond.

How to increase your LinkedIn profile views by 425%

One characteristic all the groups you join should share? They should all be active. If there hasn’t been any discussion in the group within the last week, pick a different one.

2. Get the lay of the land
Don’t do what I did, which was immediately post a discussion without looking at anything else on the group page. After getting zero responses to my question, I scrolled down to see that someone else had asked the same thing just a couple days prior.

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6 Simple Steps to LinkedIn Promotion Success

Many people create LinkedIn profiles and think of them only as online resumes. In addition to using LinkedIn as a powerful networking platform, it is also an excellent place to promote the blog content you create. The following is a step-by-step guide to help you use LinkedIn to drive traffic back to your site.

LinkedIn as a powerful networking platform, it is also an excellent place to promote the blog content you create.

Step 1. Write the blog post. Obviously, you need content to promote. Futureforth can help you develop this content if you don’t already have it.

Step 2. Promote the blog post. When you have published the blog post on your blog, share a link on your LinkedIn profile. To do this, go to Home and select Update Status. Paste the link into the update box and wait for it to load. Be sure you have included an interesting image. Now, remove the link and write a brief update using the title of the blog post. You can also tag brands you mentioned in the article, so they will be aware of your post.

Step 3. Promote the blog post to groups. Take a moment to share the blog post with fellow members of groups you participate in. Don’t spam groups with links to all of your posts. Only share content you feel the members of the group will benefit from. You cab easily send large email marketing campaigns to promote your links.

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10 Strategies for using LinkedIn for Masterful Content Marketing

This has been a breakout year for LinkedIn, both as a social network and (more importantly) as a content hub and distribution platform.

As of Q1 2017, LinkedIn had over 500 million active users.

Much of this growth is being fueled by LinkedIn’s doubling down on content hosting and distribution.

Microsoft, claimed 500 million users of its business-focused social network. That’s up from the 467 million figure it provided last October 2016.


In an ever-crowded content marketing landscape, finding new avenues to reach consumers and build your audience is a high priority, and LinkedIn represents an underused (yet highly promising) opportunity to drive the quality visibility and engagement you’re looking for.

To help you glean the finer points of the platform I’ve tracked down ten of my favorite LinkedIn experts (and in digital marketing as a whole) and asked them to answer one deceptively simple question : What’s the best way to capture new sales? Learn More.

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Words Not to Use on Your LinkedIn Profile – The Muse

10 Words to Remove From Your LinkedIn Profile (and What to Add Instead)

The benefits of making sure your LinkedIn profile stands out from the crowd are obvious, but for some reason there are certain words that everyone, regardless of profession, ends up using.

10 Words to Remove From Your LinkedIn Profile (and What to Add Instead)

You can probably guess what they are. To help confirm your suspicions, LinkedIn recently released the top 10 most overused profile buzzwords.

Here they are in order:

Extensive experience
Track record
And, depending on your industry, innovative and dynamic are up there, too.

We can all giggle about how cheesy it is to describe yourself as passionate, but seriously, what can you do if you really are passionate about your field? How do you get that across without sounding like everyone else?

Here are a few suggestions. Hint: It’s more about showing people what you’re made of than telling them.

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The Top Three Mistakes Mid-Career Professionals Keep Making On Their LinkedIn Profiles – Forbes

I’m not a LinkedIn guru by any stretch, but as a career consultant, leadership trainer and writer with over 140,000 followers on LinkedIn, I review hundreds of LinkedIn profiles each month. These profiles of my clients, workshop attendees, and course members, as well as new connections — reveal a great deal information. Per the conversations I have about these, I see that what’s revealed on LinkedIn is most often unintentional and not deliberate. In fact, many of these profiles are falling short and failing to make the positive impact professionals hope to achieve because they haven’t done the right work to craft their stories in a way that will reach out and grab us.

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Building your LinkedIn profile correctly is very important

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CIOs look to LinkedIn to recruit (and be recruited) | CIO

CIOs are finding a reprieve from the global IT talent vacuum in LinkedIn. IT executives are using the professional social networking platform to land new gigs.

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Facing an IT talent shortage, CIOs are haunting college campuses, hiring interns, and poaching peers from rivals to staff their digital transformations. However, some CIOs are finding that good IT talent is a just a LinkedIn search away, while others use it to seek new career opportunities.

IT executives are using the professional social networking platform to land new gigs.

“It is a great forum for us to post our jobs outside of our own site or job boards,” says Victor Fetter, CIO of LPL Financial.

He says the company’s talent acquisition team regularly lists open positions on the site. He also fields one or two queries a week from technology workers interested in working for the company. Like other CIOs, he looks for people versed in coding, project management and developer operations, among other skillsets, to complete IT projects that support the business. This is no easy task.

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Marketing yourself on LinkedIn

Social media has seeped into the lives of all those connected to it, with the working world being no exception. LinkedIn in particular has become a sphere unto itself for professionals, recruiters and companies for promotion, hiring and marketing purposes. So how big an impact has LinkedIn made?

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A powerful tool for professionals and businesses

A powerful tool for professionals and businesses

Theo Smit, managing director at nexTLeaders Recruitment Partners, says LinkedIn has become an extremely powerful tool in South Africa for both business marketing and recruiting, but more so for recruiters and internal talent acquisition teams in companies.

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