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Keep in Constant Contact with Your Clients (Free Leads Monthly)

What is the Official Marketing solution for your Small Business?

Do you have an email list that might be old and could contain non-deliverables and bounces? Are you worried your account will get closed down if you’re sending with leading email sending software providers?

I speak with business owners and marketers every day that try to create email marketing campaigns with other leading providers and end up getting little to no results, or even have their lists blocked and accounts closed down for spamming.

“People call us (OfficialEmailMarketing) daily with horror stories from some other leading providers” ~ Official

Email Marketing Needs to Be Simple and Provide the Individual the Ability to Grow and Build Lists;

“Don’t use big words, they mean so little.” Oscar Wilde 

Keep it simple: Official Email Marketing – Advanced Email Sending Software;

  • No Contracts or commitments
  • Cancel Account Anytime
  • Upgrade or Downgrade Anytime
  • Fully Supported Technical Staff
  • Web-based Email Software Mobile Friendly
  • Create Unlimited Campaigns / Clients Campaigns
  • Easy to Create and Send Different Offers
  • Easy to Manage Inbox to follow up with Leads
  • Full Statistics and Reporting with Google Analytics
  • Rotate IPs and Domains for Excellent Delivery
  • Can-spam compliant email marketing software
  • Accounts all have individual IPs and Domains
  • Easily add more IPs and Domains for faster sending

Dedicated support staff to answer any software support questions!

“Focus on growing your list all of the time as newer subscribers are more engaged adding to healthier open rates and ROI.” Karl Murray

Unique sending domain URL and IP address provided with setup, everything you need to begin sending your email campaigns – including the emails!

The OfficialEmailMarketing software can rotate your IP’s and domains during the sending process for excellent delivery.

Learn more: how you can get started for less than you think! OfficialEmailMarketing.com


6 Marketing Methods That Can Boost Your Sales

6 Marketing Strategies That Can Boost Sales
6 Marketing Strategies That Can Boost Sales

It’s hard to keep up with the lates business marketing softwares and the many questions that come with learning any new platform.

“A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today.” ~ Karen Lamb

It takes action to develop a good marketing campaign that’s impactful and interactive with your target audience. If your a marketer, then you’ve had successful-and-unsuccessful marketing campaigns – and when this happens change your strategy and move on.

  • OfficialEmailMarketing provides the ability to purchase list databases and offers up an email marketing platform that’s web based. The Official platform is perfect for companies that manage and send large amounts of email at better rates.

  • Hootsuite is the leader in the Social Media Marketing Management space. It offers everything a Social Media manager needs from publishing, to monitoring, including reports and team collaboration features.

  • Marketing360 SEO marketing platform gives the business owner insights into powerful analytics from keyword tracking, content generation, page ranking analysis, and trend analysis to better identify keyword growth opportunities for conversions.

  • Wideo is an online video platform that allows you to easily create, edit, and share animated videos. Wideo gives you the option to personalize your advertisement, presentation, tutorial or product demo by letting you add your logo, images or even background music.

  • WordPress Create a free website, landing page or easily build a blog. Hundreds of free, customizable, mobile-ready designs and themes. Posting industry related blog posts can help generate traffic and sales to your business.

  • SendPressReleases releases on Google, Yahoo, Bing, News including newspapers, major news sites including social media, radio, and television.

    Marketing is a major part of business growth. However many business owners sometimes feel they are spending too much money on marketing promotions without realizing an immediate result. Marketing can take time to grow and cultivate, but if it’s not working change it up!

Today: Get Any Category Email Lists Free..

Free Email List with Setup today!

For a limited time receive a free targeted consumer email data list of 50,000 records each month with renewal, for any category you choose! This offer is free upon registering, details below. (View categories)

Unique sending domain URL and IP address provided with setup, everything you need to begin sending your email campaigns included!

Need to send millions of emails?Additional IP’s and domains can be purchased at any time during your campaigns and will be switched out automatically if needed at no extra charge. The software can rotate your IP’s and domains during the sending process for excellent delivery.

Learn more: http://officialemailmarketing.com/email-marketing-software

5 Qualities Of A Great List Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing is the most cost effective method for building contact databases. All major businesses use email marketing to some degree;

Read: 5 Qualities Of A Great List Email Marketing Software


Creating Opener & Clicker Contact Data Lists | OEM

When Google searching – for how to create great opener and clicker email lists, related to an email marketing campaign, you run into the same question; “Is there a way to export all openers / clickers from all lists across all campaigns? I’ve looked at the mysql tables and don’t really see a table that stores all openers or clickers. Is there any way to accomplish this other than viewing stats campaign by campaign?”

The Answer is yes you can automatically create opener and clicker email lists by using web-based email marketing software like the Official email marketing software.

Ok, so what are Opener and Clicker Lists?

For example: let’s say you send 5,000 emails to a created company message, to your email database list. A good email marketing software like Official will automatically create opener and clicker lists of people that expressed interest and read your message or read your email message then clicked on a link within the message, you can log this highly targeted call to action. This way you are generating your own lists of pure interested in addition to your campaign.

Simply said, if they read your email message or click on a link after reading your email message, they have express interest. The email marketing software will automatically create separate lists for you of openers and clickers on a continuous basis. Demo this feature and more at OfficialEmailMarketing.com

  • Email lists are included free for a limited time.

3 Reasons Nothing Beats Email Marketing | Lifehack.org

This trend and popularity of email marketing has made people wonder why email marketing presents such tremendous benefits over other newer forms of marketing? Why does email drive better returns on investments? Why does emails lead to better customer engagement metrics in comparison to other marketing techniques? Well, all of these are valid questions and we try to summarize the answers in below:

3 Reasons Nothing Beats Email Marketing | Lifehack
3 Reasons Why Email Marketing Works Better in 2017 | Lifehack.org

Read Full Article on Lifehack: http://www.lifehack.org/505099/3-reasons-why-emails-are-still-the-best-bet-for-your-marketing-campaign

Web-based Email Marketing Email Data Included. 

Official Web-based Email Marketing Software Platform

Upload unlimited lists and create powerful mailings | with Software Registration Get A Free 50,000 Email Data List Any Category

Advanced Email Marketing: Nothing to download or install – simply log into your web-based email marketing software account from anywhere and create high impact personalized email messages. Manage and upload an unlimited amount of email lists for sending. Monitor detailed campaign statistic, charts, click through rates, open rates, and more. A dedicated technical support staff is available 24/7 to answer any questions and provide ongoing ticket support for your software management needs. There is no better way to send large amounts of email successfully and grow your small business.

Email marketing and digital marketing, can help you succeed in today’s online business world. An online business can open the doors to a brave new world of creativity and marketing and provide you the ability to promote products at little startup cost and large potential for reward.

Learn more on downloading your free 50,000 full records U.S, consumer email data list from OfficialEmailMarketing.com to boost your small business sales and awareness!

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Web-based online dashboard for email marketing.

All in One email marketing software solution, by official email marketing, provides the opt-in data lists and web-based sending software.

Official allows you to focus on your marketing efforts and avoid the technical aspects of email marketing.

Any category for targeting;

Generate Sales Almost Instantly with List Marketing.

Upload your email lists, any purchase lists, into the Official Marketing software.

High volume professional email marketing software.

Send individual mailings monthly or even daily newsletter mailings by shedual.

A unique sending domain URL and Ip address(s) provided and included with with setup.

The software can rotate your IP’s and domains during the sending process for excellent delivery.

Username Password
Login demopassword
Email Software Demo Login

Do you have questions Contact live support.

Are spam and bulk email the same thing?

Bulk email marketing has received much attention among marketers during the recent years. The benefits delivered from this marketing method to the businesses have contributed a lot towards its popularity. Most people get confused when trying to figure out the difference in between bulk email marketing and spam email marketing. Spam email marketing is something unethical and it is not in a position to deliver any benefit to your customers or business. Spam will not provide a valid opt-out method and it typically of zero interest.

When it comes to bulk email marketing, small business owners and marketers, typically build and create an email list on their own.

This list would usually contain the email addresses of potential customers who show some sort of an interest towards the business and categorized in some way. This list will also typically have the address, and other contact information along with just the email. As a result, an email that is sent from a bulk email marketing campaign would never be delivered to a recipient who doesn’t show any interest towards the business, and if it was a valid automated method for the recipient to opt-out would be an option.

Through bulk email, it’s an easy task to promote your products or services to potential customers on an ongoing basis. That’s because you are not promoting what you got to complete strangers, and the idea is to slowly build your databases while allowing the recipients to always have the option for removal. Based on the feedback, you will be able to improve your bulk email marketing campaigns accordingly over time. Like any type of internet marketing there might be an initial learning curve to understand how it all works if you’re using a trusted bulk email marketing software provider.

Marketers who are new to bulk email marketing often wonder whether anybody reads the mails that are being sent. From recent studies, it has been identified that a lot of people tend to read the mails that are being sent through bulk email marketing programs and that number is increasing due to mobile phone browser technology improvements. The popularity of this marketing method among companies around the world bears testimonials to this proven method of marketing.

Bulk email marketing can be considered as one of the easiest methods available to attract repeat businesses and visitors. That’s because it is highly unlikely for someone to come to your store and become a customer for the very first time. Through bulk email marketing, you are promoting your products and services to customers and business partners who already have a clear understanding about what your business is. They have already purchased something from you and they know about your order and delivery process as well. Therefore, people would tend to purchase again from you because they know what they would receive. Repetitive email contact with a growing email database is a great way to gain that trust and familiarity.

People often mistake bulk email marketing with spam email marketing They are very different.

whats bulk email?
what’s the difference between spam email and bulk email?

It is important to proceed with a clear understanding about the difference that exists in between these two marketing methods. Bulk email marketing is not illegal and it can deliver amazing benefits for a business in the long run. That’s mainly because opt-in email lists are being used during the email marketing campaign and proper compliant email software is used in the delivery process in many cases. In other words, all the people who receive the emails that are sent by you have opted to receive them in some way and have an interest in your business topic. Therefore, you just need to send appropriate email and experience the benefits that come in return.

Easily create an email marketing campaign: http://www.officialemailmarketing.com

Support: http://officialemailmarketing.com/contact

Email Marketing Software Reviews for 2017

Email Marketing Software Reviews for 2017

There is a variety of online email marketing software available if you’re looking to step up your marketing game with a professional email strategy.  Email marketing software makes it possible to send email marketing messages for a single monthly fee.  Even if you don’t need to send many emails, there are still many user-friendly and affordable options for small and large businesses alike.

With these tools, anyone can become an email marketing professional.

Online Email Marketing Software
Email Marketing Software Reviews

If one of these options doesn’t meet your business needs, there are a panoply of other email marketing software platforms out there, like Pardot, Hubspot, Sendinblue, and Constant Contact, to name a few. With all the different available options, whatever your company’s needs, you’re sure to find an email marketing software that will meet all of them.


MailChimp stands apart as the only email marketing software that offers a free account, albeit with limited features. It is also probably the most recognizable of the tools listed here.  With paid accounts starting at $35 a month, an incredibly user-friendly interface, and a trial spanning 2,000 free contacts, it’s no wonder why Mail Chimp is the most recognizable email marketing software on the market.


This online email marketing software might cost a little more, starting at $89 per month, but if you’re looking for something that’s easy to use and has great templates and features, Emma might be just the thing for your business.  Emma offers a 15-day free trial, but you need to speak to a representative to get access to it.  What sets Emma apart is its beautiful email templates and superior advanced features that make running an email marketing campaign a cinch, even for an inexperienced user.  Emma also boasts wonderful customer support, should you ever need guidance with their software.


GetResponse is an excellent option where email marketing software is concerned.  They offer a generous 30-day free trial, and packages start at just $25 per month.  GetResponse also offers its clients in-house training, 24/7 support, and an integrated CRM options starting at $49 per month.  It’s user interface is easily navigated, and the available CRM tool makes this email marketing software very attractive to all kinds of business owners.

Active Campaign

This email marketing software offers the most affordable option to consumers only looking for a few basic tools.  Active Campaign’s lite option is only nine dollars a month, and for only $49 a month, you can get access to their CRM solution as well.  With it’s simple interface and automation tools and a 14-day free trial, Active Campaign is definitely a decent choice for all-in-one email marketing automation tools.


Campaigner may be the best option for small businesses looking for an online email marketing software tool.  Campaigner gives its potential customers a lengthy 30-day free trial, and has packages starting at only $19.95 per month. It also might be the easiest email marketing software to use that’s currently available, with even its advanced features described as being very user-friendly.  Campaigner also offers subscribers a CRM tool, and top-notch features like mobile friendly builds.

Official Email Marketing

Hands down the best bang for your buck if you’re looking to send a large volume of email with purchase, or unverified email lists. Official Email Marketing comes with a very professional web-based online dashboard that offers an amazing array of advanced features. With Official Email Marketing you can send an unlimited amount of email and also have your provided IPs and domains rotate during the sending process for exceptionally reliable inbox delivery. Official Email Marketing is one of the only platforms that will allow for purchase email lists for upload into their software platform and will not block or close your account due to complaints, so this is by far the best long term solution. Starting at only $299.95 per month for up to 100,000 sends, you can upgrade the sending to any level you choose and they will pro-rate the pricing so you only pay for what you need.

If you have any questions or additions to this list please comment below. If you found this helpful please share!