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Send Press Releases / Google News, Yahoo, and Bing, NBC, CBS, MORE $99

Sending a press release provides information about your organization and allows you to share with the public through the media.

After the press release writing is done, you can submit a press release by choosing a trusted company. Getting your Press Release in Google News, Yahoo, and Bing.

In addition to all the major search engines – Your press release will be included to in, social media, radio & television news sites and it gets even better!

Your press release is also guaranteed to go on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC’s news sites and affiliates. A complete report will be provided.

How to get your article included in the major search engines. Articles that are clear and focused with correct spelling and grammar make for a much better user experience.

6 Ways A Press Release Can help Your Business
Sending A Press Release Can help Your Business Grow!

Google News uses a computer algorithm to automatically crawl news sites. To help the system determine which webpage’s are actually articles, your site should follow our Technical Guidelines.

Nothing Has the Power of a Press Release

Create and format your release for free then choose to have it released when you need: Once again your press release is Guaranteed on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Google News, Bing News, 375+ newspaper and major news sites, social media, and even radio & television news sites. It gets even better and also can guaranteed to also go on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC’s news sites and affiliates.

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6 Ways A Press Release Can help Your Business

We all have heard of a “Press release” but what it actually does is still a mystery to many businesses.

Press Release Media Distribution

So, how can a press release help your business?

Whether you won an award, or invented something new, what you need to do next is let the world know about it. There is no alternative to announcing your news other than sending a press release. A press release helps you to know more about the news you want to shout about. Your potential clients, local community, and other business owners will all be able to know more about the information you want broadcasted to the news media.

Here are 6 key reasons for sending a press release for your company.

  • 1.) For Introducing New Product

This is the most important use of press release. You cannot go door to door and shout to the world about your product or service. So the best advantage of the press release is to easily get your information released both online and offline with the largest newswire of press releases from a trusted company such as Send Press Releases.

  • 2.) Media Coverage

A distribution to the PR Newswire disseminates your press release to a full network of journalists, reporters, trade magazines, and bloggers. A good press release company will also include print news publications, radio nationwide, and television for full media coverage. A detailed press release distribution report will be provided to show links, audience, and engagement.

  • 3.) It Improves your Website’s SEO

Now it would be tough to find any person who does not use the internet for today’s business. It’s the core of many companies and press releases do improve an overall search engine page rank, social rank, and increase web traffic. We all know how hard it is to be popular by search engines as they have some very strict and ever changing algorithms that are always checking who deserve to be on top and who does not. A press release does help to achieve a better ranking in Google and the other search engines and helps you target a specific set of keywords pertaining to your company event, product announcement, or just about anything your brand needs to generate a buzz about both online and off. After sending a press release you should be able to do a Google search and find your release live on the search engines.

  • 4.) An Affordable Cost and Return on Investment

For any business it can be expensive to making advertising work effectively, and it can be even more expensive trying to get to the ROI or return on your investment stage. Whether you’re using Google Adwords, SEO companies, Facebook or other social media marketing, a press release is not at all expensive in comparison. For a reasonably small amount of money you receive massive media exposure and are also indexed in the major search engines. Many also have referral programs to help you earn money.

  • 5.) Get More Business

The types of people that will read your news tend to be high income net worth individuals. Get more customers with today’s online press releases, the media is no longer the only audience you’re writing for. 80 million+ people get their news online every day and many of these are potential customers.

  • 6.) It Cost Money to Send A Press Release

Simply said, you have to pay if you want anything decent. The whole point of press release distribution to get your news picked up by the media, is it not? I know that press releases have become a great tool for SEO and link building, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw away the other benefits of a solid press release marketing strategy. The simple truth is if you only put your press releases on free websites, your story will never get picked up. You have to use a distribution service that gets your press release in the hands of targeted, influential reporters and journalists. The press release websites that are free also they tend to attract a lot of spammers. I have found with the free press release websites that typically there is always a catch. With the free press release websites, the catch is usually that you have to upgrade and pay money if you want any range of features. For example, you usually have to pay extra if you want your press release to run without ads all over the page. You may also have to pay if you want to embed links in the press release. My advice: Save your money for an actual press release distribution service that can get you results with a guarantee like send press releases.

Press Release Writing Tips:

Do not write unnecessary sentences or irrelevant information in a press release. Make sure all the information and facts you are writing are true and correct. A press release is a formal announcement from your company. When writing a press release you always write in the third person. The press release headline is one of the most important elements. This is typically the only information the reader will have until making the commitment to click on your headline and make that call to action.

There are two audiences you are writing your release for, the reader, and for Google. Taking into account both the algorithms of modern search engines and the human element, you want the subject header to be both search engine friendly but also reads clearly articulates your message and encourages the reader to want to read more. Do a little research on what keyword(s) are gaining a good amount of monthly searches and select those keyword(s) to include in your headline. Make sure the keywords pertain to your message body and the overall message.

Learn more about sending a press release for your company: http://www.sendpressreleases.com

Is A Press Release Still Relevant in Today’s Digital World?

There are many types of online promotions businesses can do for exposure in today’s ever changing digital landscape.

As press release distribution has shifted steadily toward an online activity, it’s become more important than ever to be relevant in your content and use of keywords to best optimize your press releases to drive search engine traffic to attract targeted customers. If possible, you should always try to include your keyword in your headline, subtitle, and throughout the body of the press release. However, be careful not to force it. If the keyword doesn’t make sense in the headline then don’t use it there. Always remember that the quality and readable content is your top priority – SEO should come a distant second..

It’s important to publish a new press release on a regular basis. Learn about how press releases can improve your company’s awareness.

Press release distribution and SEO both require a long-term commitment to be successful. There is no magic bullet press release, and there is no way to grab top search engine rankings overnight.