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Highly effective ways to manage your social media.

To achieve  social media success it determines in large part how you target your audience.

 For many people using specialized software to manage social media ads by monitoring social media conversations in real time. 

“This is an amazing advantage and you can even get started for nothing.”

A RoboAgency never sleeps, never goes on lunch or takes vacations, it is always available to start new campaigns at any time of the day, working constantly.

No other agency offers real time, automated optimization. Needls. has set a new bar for the advertising industry.

How it works.

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The Needls RoboAgency has solved a problem that has been troubling many business owners for years. Finally there is an easy and effective way to advertise on Social Media.


How to Automate your Social Media Ads

The Importance of Social Media for Advertising

The best method to promote a product, company, organization or movement is an advertisement.

“Marketing is a vital process for any product or service.”

Social media is becoming the standard for advertising to a large consumer audience.

How suitable is social media for the promotion of your business?

Social media is unique because it’s one of the only marketing platforms where the masses interact daily.

Undeniably social media is an ideal platform for any business or service.

The presence of your business or service on social media is now crucial so consumers can acknowledge and interact with your products.

With more than 90% of the world’s population using social media frequently, people are paying more attention to advertisements on social media.

Social media can yield major benefits for business and your brand if used with the correct approach.

Social media is an integral part of basic marketing and the statistics support this fact.

Approximately, $72 billion was spent on social media and digital advertisements in 2016.

The revenue alone for ads on Facebook was up to $6.8 billion in 2016.

Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram were right behind.

Many marketers have unanimously stated that social media has given a tremendous boost to the sales, exposure, and production of their companies.

The problem of using the correct approach and the lack of knowledge about proper strategies still persists for many marketers and even if you’re posting great content it can be very limited if you’re not using the correct methods that a software can provide.

This is why more and more companies are using professional social media advertising agencies such as Needls.

The creative brains behind Needls are amazingly innovative. Needls provides anyone the expertise to promote their brand on social media and keep it growing steadily.

The Needls. Advantage

You can decide the options and scale of the promotion.

The marketing can be in the form of simple Facebook and Instagram posts or it can be in the form of a large campaign with more aggressive goals.

Needls has been significantly dominating the promotional advertisement on Facebook and Instagram since 2014.

Needls enjoys the reputation of being the internet’s first RoboAgency.

The system automatically creates, targets and optimizes your ads on Facebook and Instagram.

This means that it detects the most suitable audience for your ads by monitoring social media conversations in real time.

As a business owner or a service provider, you will get the advantage. Potential clients and consumers, who receive your ads for their requirement, get the advantage as well.

This creates an opportunity for a symbiotic relation.

QuilPen social media articles

Needls is a trendsetter in the history of social media advertising.

They not only will create innovative ads on social media that sell but also their robot system has covered great strides in just a few years.

You can easily get access to the most exceptional ads in the most cost effective way, thanks to Needls.

Even if you are a small-scale business owner, you can significantly scale up your profits and manage company budgets more effectively through a more automated service.

You can receive the best solution for your small-scale businesses and startups promotion at an unbelievably small price of $100.

The regular optimization makes the brand’s presence possible on Facebook and Instagram while targeting every possible audience associated with the brand.

At Needls, the staff ensures that your brand is acknowledged not only by your specific audience but also by everyone who frequently uses Facebook and Instagram.

This will raise the advertising of your brand to a new level. The experts at Needls will devote themselves to create a perfect promotional ad for your brand.

Needls is indeed a RoboAgency and this gives them leverage over most of the other social media marketing agencies that charge managing and promotional fees but fail to deliver constantly.

Needls will engage with social media for the promotion of your brand 24/7.

“Social media activities related to your brand such as displaying posts, sharing them, and managing likes will be carried out constantly regardless of the size of your business.”

The overall goal is to gain the attention of your ideal consumer towards the post and convert them into potential clients of your products and services.

These strategies will always contribute to the recognition of your brand.

The experts at Needls are accomplished in displaying a brand or service.

You will gain an upper hand on your rivals in sales.

This enables a company to spend the time and resources in boosting the overall productivity of the business, instead of spending that time and money on advertising.

About the Needls service

Needls yields far better results than other marketing methods like pay per click or SEO.

Needls will take your budget and stretch it far more than most individuals or marketing managers can manage on their own.

Running ads on Facebook and Instagram with a limited budget can be both hectic and time-consuming as you might already know.

Needls designs your perfect ad(s) that target the specific audience you’re looking to attract. The Robot monitors the ads and automatically optimizes them.

Needls will take care of the promotional campaign right from the start.

Getting started is so easy, you answer just six simple question related to your brand, product or service.

You can give your slogans, quotes, pictures, and messages as well.

Needls will create specific ads and target the audience effectively. It will continue to optimize your ads across Facebook and Instagram.

The methods used differentiate from those of other ad service agencies.

Needls targets ads by observing social media and keeping the track of buying signals and posts related to the brand or service.

The posts, comments, and tweets detected by Needls find potential clients for your products or services.

For example, someone posts a status, “Purchased a new house. Any recommendation on someone for interior decoration”. Needls will immediately send an advertisement to that user.

You can easily get new customers and save countless hours.

Needls offers many other amazing features.

The Landing Page Creation service will help you develop a high converting landing page, where you can receive messages and phone calls.

This will help you increase your sales if you do not own a landing page.

Needls reports relevant statistics and performances of your ads.

The latest Needls “Engage” option will give you an insight about the most viewed content that is pertinent to your brand.

You are guaranteed to reach new heights with the assistance that Needls can offer. [Learn More]

Perfect Social Media Strategy | Medium

Before sending your first post, it’s important to have a detailed social media strategy in place.

This should outline what you want to achieve, such as more brand awareness, additional traffic to your website, or increased sales.

This strategy should then document what you need to do in order to achieve these set objectives and be used as a guide throughout the rest of your process.

Review your branding to ensure it’s clear and consistent across all of your social media channels (and other marketing platforms).

Use your logo for your profile pictures and ensure your cover images clearly display your business’ USP (unique selling point).

What Type of Social Media Marketer Are You? Interactive challenge

The major key is being remarkable and the best part is that social media allows a company to receive feedback on any campaign, even those not run online.

If a marketing or advertising campaign is remarkable in any way (good or bad), the company will hear about it, as the average customer today is very likely to share his or her experiences or opinions with their trusted circle on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

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Learn how to best allocate your time and resource with Social media management


Social media has fundamentally changed the way companies communicate with their customers.


What used to be a one-way dialogue has become a two-way conversation, a great channel that allows a company to receive both positive and negative feedback they can use to improve their products and services.

Back in the day, companies used to reach customers via different media formats: newspaper, radio, and TV.

All of these remain popular advertising channels; however, none make it possible to track their ROI.

How many customers ended up buying a product because of a specific marketing campaign?

How many buyers first learned about a product on the radio? How many of them saw a specific newspaper ad? It’s a guessing game at best.

When the Internet came around, and results were measurable by tracking website visits and click-through rates, metrics started to become more accurate.

But there was still no way to communicate with the customer — it was all about getting them to your website and hoping they would find what they were looking for.

The reason why a visitor left a website after only four seconds could only be speculated.

With the advent of social media marketing now has a totally different reach and return.

Social media allows for a true connection between the company and the customer, where both can communicate with one another.

It is one of the best examples for a true win-win situation: the customer can raise his opinion and get a response, while the company gets to dive deep into customer care and assess their overall performance.

Below are ways you can manage your social media

View the solution for managing your social media and Read the full article below;

Source: Buzzfeed.com

Social media marketing articles on Buzzfeed

10 Ways to Update Your Online Marketing Efforts

Use These Tips for a Great Social Media Marketing Campaign
Social media marketing is more complicated than just posting the occasional Tweet or Facebook photo.

If you’re going to use social media marketing campaigns as part of your online marketing strategy, take a look at these tips from Anita Campbell on the SBA blog.

Write Headlines That Catch Fire

Headlines are often the first impression that potential customers have of your online content. To make them as catchy as possible, you can learn from the songwriting techniques outlined in this post by Merrill Shane Jones on the Copyblock Creative Blog.

Use Blogging More Effectively

Online marketing strategy for 2016

Whether you want to do it as a career or use it as a promotional method, blogging presents multiple upsides for your business. To learn how to be a professional blogger, take a look at this post and checklist by Ginny Dwyer on Modgility. Then see what BizSugar members are saying about the post.

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Words Not to Use on Your LinkedIn Profile – The Muse

10 Words to Remove From Your LinkedIn Profile (and What to Add Instead)

The benefits of making sure your LinkedIn profile stands out from the crowd are obvious, but for some reason there are certain words that everyone, regardless of profession, ends up using.

10 Words to Remove From Your LinkedIn Profile (and What to Add Instead)

You can probably guess what they are. To help confirm your suspicions, LinkedIn recently released the top 10 most overused profile buzzwords.

Here they are in order:

Extensive experience
Track record
And, depending on your industry, innovative and dynamic are up there, too.

We can all giggle about how cheesy it is to describe yourself as passionate, but seriously, what can you do if you really are passionate about your field? How do you get that across without sounding like everyone else?

Here are a few suggestions. Hint: It’s more about showing people what you’re made of than telling them.

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One of the Most Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tools for Your Business

Who would have ever thought a company that had as few as 20 sign ups on some days would become the next Internet marketing powerhouse?

LinkedIn now boasts more than 500+ million members. The sign up rate is much higher too. On average, somebody joins LinkedIn every second.

That is another person to get your message in front of. It’s the primary reason we have those little social media icons on our website. Writers put in all the work just for a simple like or share 😉

Who would have ever thought a company that had as few as 20 sign ups on some days would become the next Internet marketing powerhouse?

LinkedIn now boasts more than 500+ million members.


Yet you have to know a little bit about LinkedIn if you ever hope to realize a return. LinkedIn has a lot of similarities with Facebook, but a lot of differences too.

It tends to be more upscale, cater to a more specific customer base and point conversations toward industry trends and stats.

Marketing on LinkedIn has its own set of rules.

Yet, there is one powerful LinkedIn tool you can use to grow your business. If you have a LinkedIn profile yourself, it might be time to create a company page. You may have one.

If you do, the next few minutes will reacquaint you with the marketing power of a good business page, so you can make tweaks and modifications if need be.


The Advantages of a LinkedIn Business Page

1. You Get Extra Features

For starters, a company page on LinkedIn is not something you create for the sake of having one. You need one to gain access to other features. You can feature some of your products and services and post job openings, for example. Incorporate an eye catching image and get to work filling out your page. Once you have done that, invite employees and friends to like your LinkedIn business page. The higher the numbers the more powerful your reach. For example, Hubspot has grown their LinkedIn page to almost 140,000 people. Every time they post a status in their company page, they have the potential to reach all of those people with their message. This is how you gain authority in ranking and influence on LinkedIn.

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The Top Three Mistakes Mid-Career Professionals Keep Making On Their LinkedIn Profiles – Forbes

I’m not a LinkedIn guru by any stretch, but as a career consultant, leadership trainer and writer with over 140,000 followers on LinkedIn, I review hundreds of LinkedIn profiles each month. These profiles of my clients, workshop attendees, and course members, as well as new connections — reveal a great deal information. Per the conversations I have about these, I see that what’s revealed on LinkedIn is most often unintentional and not deliberate. In fact, many of these profiles are falling short and failing to make the positive impact professionals hope to achieve because they haven’t done the right work to craft their stories in a way that will reach out and grab us.

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Building your LinkedIn profile correctly is very important

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Facebook launches interactive full-screen ads called Canvas

At an event in New York today, Facebook launched its newest product for marketers: interactive mobile ads called Canvas, which it first announced back in September.

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Facebook launched Canvas

Canvas is an evolution of the earlier Carousel ads, which allowed users to swipe through multiple product or brand photos if they were interested in more information.

The ads were designed to be fairly unobtrusive for the end user. They look virtually the same as regular ads while on your News Feed (other than a small ‘tap to open’ prompt), but when you click through, the full experience loads quickly. You can return to your News Feed by clicking on the ‘X’ on the top-left corner.

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CIOs look to LinkedIn to recruit (and be recruited) | CIO

CIOs are finding a reprieve from the global IT talent vacuum in LinkedIn. IT executives are using the professional social networking platform to land new gigs.

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Facing an IT talent shortage, CIOs are haunting college campuses, hiring interns, and poaching peers from rivals to staff their digital transformations. However, some CIOs are finding that good IT talent is a just a LinkedIn search away, while others use it to seek new career opportunities.

IT executives are using the professional social networking platform to land new gigs.

“It is a great forum for us to post our jobs outside of our own site or job boards,” says Victor Fetter, CIO of LPL Financial.

He says the company’s talent acquisition team regularly lists open positions on the site. He also fields one or two queries a week from technology workers interested in working for the company. Like other CIOs, he looks for people versed in coding, project management and developer operations, among other skillsets, to complete IT projects that support the business. This is no easy task.

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