creating a marketing strategy that works

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3 key marketing methods working the best for most online businesses.

1.) Web-based applications for simplifying the marketing process.

Marketing your products and services can actually be a simple process when you are introduced to the proper tools. Email marketing has clearly proven to be the worlds most widely used marketing tool. It works.

“Many statistics show Nothing can beat the cost and control it email offers.”

Businesses should treat email communication with a top priority over all other marketing.

You can learn what delivery options will work best for your business and how to send a message to your contact lists without getting blocked.

2.) Social media marketing for business.

Social media is exploding so quickly many are being left behind. It’s true. If you have a business and it’s not on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, (as a minimum) you’re behind.Social media can be free and you can rapidly build a targeted network surrounding your products and services.

With social media, you can rapidly build a targeted network surrounding your specific products and services.

For example: when you have product update or a discount you can easily update your network of loyal social media followers with an image and information. Social media can be used as ongoing education for your followers and provide them a broader understanding of your industry as a whole. Providing valuable information encourages followers, likes, and social interactions.

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3.) Subject headers are very important

Nowadays we have developed a poorly written spam headline third-sense and will delete emails that look like sales pitches, even if they are coming from people and companies we know.

The “email subject line” just might be the most important front line marketing tactic you can use – and even “misused”, daily!

Most small businesses are somewhat limited in terms of time and resources, and it’s all relative to the time and effort you put in from the best times of the day you post your businesses content to social media to the subject lines we write in our everyday emails.

Email marketing inbox marketing

Remember, subject headers don’t need to necessarily sell, just entice the recipients to open up the email and read your message body. Don’t get ahead of yourself!! Original article source: LinkedIn

Consider which types of subject lines would turn you away, and avoid using them.

Make it your goal to engage your recipients with clear subject lines that communicate that the valuable information they seek is a mere click away.

Learn how you can quickly increase your sales using cost-effective list marketing and create messages that get proven results with the statistics to back it up.

But most importantly: Keep reading, keep learning, stick with whats working and grow your marketing in that area.


creating a strategy that works